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Colorado homes see better value with Icynene

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Colorado homes see better value with Icynene

Many people are concerned about the full value they get from their homes. With Icynene, insulation problems are eliminated so that a house always enjoys the ultimate heating and cooling efficiency. This allows homeowners to see the maximum return on investment for purchasing domiciles with this kind of interior and exterior protection. It also makes these homes more desirable on the housing market, so builders should consider adding this material to all of their structures in order to get the largest audience for their finished products.

Enhanced environmental interests
What's more, construction firms in Colorado are sure to notice a new development with the state's Multiple Listing Service. A press release from KB Home, one of the most prominent and well-established home building entities in the country, acknowledged the state for recently improving its environmental rankings and information resources for those shopping for new houses. The distinction for Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) certified housing is the premier integration into Colorado's existing MLS system, as the source stated, offering better rankings and more information to potential buyers regarding more in-depth LEED and Energy Star efficiency data on every structure.

Green Features and Certifications is the newest addition to the MLS listings, according to the Colorado Energy Office. This change represents more consumer interest in knowing environmental and energy data about housing before investing in properties in order to protect their investments and the planet. HERS scores and RESNET readouts serve to make both of these aspirations possible.

"We applaud the forward-thinking efforts of RESNET and the Colorado Energy Office in recognizing the importance of providing information about a home's energy efficiency for today's sophisticated home buyer," said KB Home's Colorado division president, Matt Mandino. He stated that most consumers want to know more about the green elements of a home in order to get the best return on their investments.

The new listing data will include additional insights for each house regarding the structure's various energy efficient improvements, allowing shoppers to see into every aspect of their potential cost savings. Elements like energy bill estimates and various power ratings on all fixtures, appliances and infrastructure help every buyer see the potential each MLS entry has to offer.

Improving investment possibilities
This is a significant development for buildings containing more eco-friendly products like Icynene spray foam insulation. A spray foam application is the best way to ensure long term savings for homeowners, cutting heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent^ from their original levels. By blocking up to 40 percent of all in-home energy from escaping through drafts, around doors or through crawl spaces, Icynene helps increase the overall efficiency of a space and make it more valuable to homeowners and the housing market in general.

By partnering with licensed Icynene spray foam contractors, builders can experience the greatest return on construction investments. This product makes homes easier to heat and cool all year round, as well as making the air inside cleaner and discouraging moisture, mildew and mold from accumulating in and damaging the building. These licensed and knowledgeable specialists can point out every place in a Colorado home where spray foam should be applied in order to get the best seal throughout the house for HVAC efficiency. What's more, these individuals help make certain that the best application is administered in every structure that needs it, including interior walls, basements and attics. This measure is the best way to ensure that homes get the greatest energy ratings in Colorado and the rest of the country.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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