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Confront attic insulation issues with Icynene spray foam insulation

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Confront attic insulation issues with Icynene spray foam insulation

Older homes perform particularly poorly when it comes to sealing HVAC options and keeping out unwanted environmental factors. The age of a building may give it charm and character, but it doesn't necessarily provide the kind of protection residents need in order to live affordable, comfortable lives. It's essential for homeowners to consider these issues when moving into, renovating or selling an old house.

Managing antiques
Any home built before the 1980s is likely to have fiberglass, vermiculite or other kinds of traditional materials in the walls. These insulation types are cheap and often easy to install, and at the time these buildings were erected, these were the only materials available to builders. Some much older homes may even still have cotton, wool or paper between the walls and in the ceilings to regulate temperature, while certain areas of older houses may have no protection at all.

Upgrading a classic home requires attention to detail and careful consideration of products when it comes to maintaining the look and feel of older homes. Vintage architectural details and elements can be damaged when adding some kinds of upgrades as opposed to others, so it's necessary to consider what kind of effect a renovation will have.

Performing these kinds of home upgrades requires that a homeowner pairs with a certified Icynene contractor to learn the most about how to enhance the heating and cooling oversight of a house without harming the overall look and feel of these structures. Adding Icynene spray foam insulation allows the house to get a new coat of insulating protection without requiring the manipulation of interior elements or changing the overall look and feel of a home.

Icynene spray foam insulation goes on as a liquid and fills every crack and crevice of a building. This addition makes it easy to increase the heating and cooling management of an older house without forcing changes to the infrastructure or other interior elements.

As the Democrat and Chronicle stated, there are some older homes that make use of unusual and extensive parts of the building that are more susceptible than others to the changes in season. The source noted how one older house built in the 1920s features an attic bedroom and a long staircase that all lack proper insulation.

Identifying issues
The homeowners were concerned that adding traditional insulation would make the space unusable because of essential changes to wall thickness and design. Though with spray foam insulation such as Icynene, it's easy to enhance the effectiveness of attic insulation without losing any of the positive living space such an area has to offer. By adding spray foam to the ceiling of this area, as well as the walls and floors, it's easy to increase the effectiveness of HVAC solutions in the uppermost levels of a structure.

Especially in light of major environmental changes that continue to accrue and alter the world, it's important that residents continue to check their attics for problems. The Detroit News reported that fluctuations in the weather are causing moisture conditions in the attic to grow worse for those without spray foam insulation. As the heat gets turned up, warmed air condenses in cold spaces and produces moisture between walls where gaps are present. The less effective insulation is at sealing out the damp and keeping in HVAC options, the less useful and more damage-prone a home will be.

Talk to a certified Icynene contractor to improve the effectiveness of heating and cooling in the attic. This will help eliminate moisture and prevent compromise in traditional materials, damage to beams or mold and mildew accumulation.

Watch these short videos to learn about installing Icynene spray foam in an attic.

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