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Contracting with the right Icynene partners makes homes comfortable

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Contracting with the right Icynene partners makes homes comfortable

Creating the most comfortable home environment requires owners to take the time and money to improve these assets. Sometimes, builders aren't diligent enough while constructing a large number of homes or mightn't invest in the best quality products, resulting in beautiful homes that aren't as heating and cooling efficient as they could otherwise be. Remedying these issues means making a substantial financial outlay, so be sure to put money toward the right resources by selecting Icynene spray foam insulation and certified contractors for your home improvement projects.

Checking for flow problems
One of the biggest places where people should focus when considering a home assessment and updates is insulation around vents, ducts and other obscure architecture. These channels are designed to help deliver heating and cooling elements to various parts of the house, but if they are surrounded by the wrong kind of insulation or are improperly covered, this can result in significant problems in terms of efficiency and structural integrity.

The Charlotte Observer warned homeowners to look for air leaks and dampness issues around air conditioners, air vents and other surfaces in the house to see if moisture is present. These issues indicate that there may be more extensive problems involving the quality or quantity of insulation around vent areas. In some cases, the source stated, there may be no insulation at all between the duct and the ceiling or surrounding the space closest to the drywall where the opening appears in the home.

Preventing further breakdowns
Such leaks can cause considerable damage as water collects around ducts and soaks into traditional insulation types, breaking down these products and harming the integrity of a home. The source also stated that these gaps allow pests to enter, building nests and further deteriorating the quality of a house.

Using Icynene helps seal all these areas, conforming to the shape of interior elements like heating and cooling vents, ducts and electrical boxes. This product fills every available space so there are no areas for moisture to collect and deters pests from nesting. Partnering with a certified Icynene contractor helps homeowners find all the problem areas in their homes and seal these areas off, promoting lower utilities costs and lengthening the life of a house. Fewer air leaks means more comfortable interior environments with fewer risks of mold, pests and poor air quality. Spending money on Icynene offers owners a significant return on investment and puts more value into their homes.

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