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Demand for spray foam insulation surpasses other insulation types

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Demand for spray foam insulation surpasses other insulation types

Generating a safe and healthy living environment requires that homeowners have the best possible insulation options in their home. This practice will ensure that heating and cooling is easy to manage, while air quality and moisture management pose no problem for the residential environment.

These qualities are making spray foam insulation one of the most popular insulation products for sealing homes against the elements. Compared to other options like fiberglass, blown-in or cellulose, Icynene insulation is pulling ahead of the pack as homeowners and contractors alike notice the better performance capabilities of spray foam over the competition.

Getting ahead
The long-term performance opportunities offered by Icynene insulation make it far more reasonable as an investment option, as it's an environmentally sound material, offers thorough thermal insulating coverage and helps eliminate leaks and mold in every corner of the house. With these qualities in mind, people have been increasing their usage of spray foam for their homes and offices.

This is reflected in a recent review from RnR Market Research, Spray Foam Online reported. The study shows that the market for spray foam insulation is set to grow noticably through 2016. This will be fueled by greater opportunities for construction and free liquid capital to create better housing opportunities. Such an option hasn't been available consistently over the last few years, as housing bubbles and overall economic climates continue to fluctuate throughout the United States.

Changes in market
As the source showed, there's been a major shift in the distribution of professional and personal investments in insulation. Since 2011, some of the biggest changes include:

  • Greater demand in residential projects
  • Spray foam ill hit almost $4 billion in market value
  • Greater radiant barrier demands
  • Wool decrease by 4.7 percent by 2016
  • Cellulose will drop by 15.5 percent

With less interest in these other, more traditional insulation materials, spray foam insulation is growing to fill these spaces and provide better, more effective performance.

Talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor about how to improve your investment portfolio by adding spray foam to your home. This insulation generates a superior barrier compared to any other kind of product, creating a total protective layer within a house that reduces other household expenses like heating and cooling, regular repairs and general electrical or utility usage. Buying into this insulation product also helps increase the overall value of a home, making it ideal for homeowners interested in making the most of their investments.

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