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DIY spray foam insulation kits & home comfort

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DIY spray foam insulation kits & home comfort

It’s not unusual for enthusiastic household handymen to actively seek out new projects to improve their home's comfort. Upgrading insulation with a DIY spray foam insulation kit is one such project. When it comes to improving your home’s comfort or addressing those problem areas such as cold floors or drafts, boosting insulation is one of the best methods. While the small foam insulation kits available at your local hardware store may be regarded as a cost effective option, they are only suitable for smaller touch –up spaces or in small areas where the existing spray foam insulation has been removed to access other components such as electrical wiring or plumbing.  The low pressure DIY kit cans are ideal for filling in small or narrow cavities such as around window and door frames.

However, to effectively improve home comfort over the long term, a professional installation by a qualified, licensed spray foam installer is recommended. By choosing to work with a licensed pro rather than buying DIY spray foam insulation, you can:

A spray foam installation by a licensed professional can insulate larger areas such as attics and basement walls, filling in every nook and cranny.  The installation is quick and with our ultra-low VOC spray foam products Icynene Classic Max and Icynene ProSeal (available in USA only), homeowners can be back in their homes following installation enjoying their comfortable home in as little as two hours.

DIY spray foam insulation and Health & Safety

As a two component chemical product, spray foam insulation requires careful handling and anyone starting a spray foam insulation DIY project should carefully review the installation instructions as well as wear protective gear.  Anyone not comfortable handling the components within these DIY spray foam insulation kits should choose to work with a licensed spray foam contractor instead who has been trained .

Health and safety is important to Icynene and each licensed contractor is trained in the proper handling of spray foam insulation as well as its installation.  Each installer wears proper protective equipment (PPE) during the installation.

Because they are trained in the proper application of spray foam insulation, your licensed contractor will guide you through the process so you have a complete understanding of the installation and what to expect.

Although the idea of insulating your home with DIY spray foam insulation kits may be tempting in an effort to improve your home’s comfort, it is a great idea to speak to a licensed pro first.

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