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Does More Insulation Equal More Savings?

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Does More Insulation Equal More Savings?

If you’re looking at ways to save money in your home, energy efficiency may be one category you decide to look at. Your home may be leaking air in all the wrong places! You’d better add some more insulation in places where you’ve noticed it lacking, right? Wrong.

When it comes to traditional insulation, more doesn’t always help. Why? Think of traditional insulation like a cozy wool sweater. It does a great job of keeping you warm when the weather is calm, but when the wind blows, you’ll still be feeling the cold air through all the tiny gaps in the fibers.

Spray foam insulation, such as Icynene, expands into small gaps and holes, effectively air sealing the house. This results in the elimination of air leaks, a major source of energy loss in homes. Think of spray foam insulation like a windbreaker, preventing air from getting in or out, and helping to stabilize the internal temperature.

In the end, you may find that replacing your existing home insulation with spray foam insulation like Icynene will save you more money. Without the air leaks that cause your heating and cooling costs to be higher, you will find that it was worth the investment to move to spray foam insulation.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more.

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