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Don’t attract pests to your home

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Don’t attract pests to your home

As the weather begins to get cooler, we all want to head inside to stay warm. But you don’t really want to invite everyone in, do you? Common household pests, such as mice, often try to find their way into homes that are easy for them to enter.

If you have an older home, or one that isn’t well-insulated, this could be a common occurrence for you, but it doesn’t need to continue to happen. By choosing to upgrade your home insulation to spray foam insulation like Icynene, problems with pests can become a thing of the past.

Because it is not considered a food source, Icynene spray foam does not attract pests from wanting to nest, and feast, in your home meaning you won’t have any unwelcome surprises.
In addition, Icynene is an energy efficient insulation that will help you save money on your monthly heating bills throughout the colder seasons. And who doesn’t want to save more money?
Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more.

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