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Enjoy Your Home More With Icynene

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Enjoy Your Home More With Icynene

The sound barrier that insulation materials provide can have a noticeable influence on the enjoyment of your home. Anyone who lives in an older house can tell you that even the sound of a toilet flushing can disturb a completely different part of the house.

Perhaps you live on a noisy street, or have a child just starting to play a musical instrument. Why should their activities have a negative impact on what you do, in other parts of the house? With Icynene residential foam insulation, your home can be a relaxed and peaceful place.

Whether you’re living in a new home that isn’t performing to your expectations, thinking about an addition, or living in an older home, where the walls are paper thin, there are solutions available.

Spray foam such as Icynene insulation can help dampen  air-borne sound transmission. That means that band practice in the basement can stay in the basement. With Icynene foam insulation you will be able to reduce low- or high-frequency sounds travelling throughout your house.

To find out more about how Icynene spray foam can help dampen sound in your home,  contact a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area.

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