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Enjoy your home theater more with Icynene

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Enjoy your home theater more with Icynene

Are you are thinking of building a home theater, but you aren’t sure where to begin? Whether you are building into an existing, older home, or designing your new home from scratch, the insulation materials you choose to use can also have an impact on your enjoyment of the space.

Soundproofing the space will prevent family members who aren’t in the room from having to experience the show or game that is being played. Who wants to be kept awake at 11pm because someone is immersed in a television series?

It will also prevent the person who is enjoying a movie from having to hear the dishwasher or dryer running. Older homes are more likely to allow sounds to travel not only between rooms, but between floors as well.

Soft, light density spray foam such as Icynene foam insulation can help dampen air-borne sound transmission. That means that the video game your son is playing in the basement can stay in the basement. With foam insulation you will be able to reduce low- or high-frequency sounds travelling throughout your house.

To find out more about how Icynene spray foam can help you create your ideal home theater, contact a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area.


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