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Ensure your home's insulation is performing optimally this fall

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Ensure your home's insulation is performing optimally this fall

Maintaining insulation and thermal comfort is a critical for homes across the country. Insulation is essential for keeping interiors cool during the summer and warm in winter, allowing homeowners to control their heating and cooling sensibly. Good quality insulation will last for quite a while, but residents should keep a close eye on the cost of their heating bills from year to year. Noticeable discrepancies in monthly charges, along with other warning signs, point toward a home in need of new, better-performing insulation such as spray foam insulation. Likewise, families moving into new homes can benefit from gauging the performance of the home's insulation before winter arrives at full force. Taking care of insulation checks in the fall will help families save come December.

Pricey monthly bills
The cost of heating naturally jumps up during the winter as demand takes an upswing. Heating expenses are also influenced by the cost of fuel resources. Events as unpredictable as shifts in foreign policy and mining labor disputes can cause a ripple effect that eventually appears on a homeowner's monthly bill. Likewise, poor performing insulation can also have an influence on your monthly heating and cooling bill. Popular website, Angie's List reported that two-thirds of American homes are under insulated. Comparing bills annually and keeping track of the cost of fuel will help homeowners to identify instances where the home's efficiency is on the decline.

Inconsistent temperatures
Insulation helps to create a thermal envelope around your home. Insulation naturally slows the transfer of heat from the inside of your home to the outside environment, helping to keep your home temperature as stable as possible. Without it, the home's interior begins to grow uncomfortable because the heat envelope is compromised. Homeowners should take notice if one room of their home is significantly colder or warmer than the next. This abrupt temperature shift may be caused by a breach in insulation or a section of the home where the current insulation has insufficient R Value. Energy Star provides an easy-to-read guide identifying the appropriate minimum R Value for a home's floors, attic and walls. Investigate the performance of the home's insulation as a first step when dealing with inconsistent temperatures.

Seeping water damage
The College of Agriculture at Louisiana State University warned that homeowners should never take a chance on insulation that might have gotten wet. Calling a professional insulation installer after dealing with a major spill or signs of water damage will ensure that a home does not fall prey to the headache of mold. Wet insulation does provide an excuse to upgrade the home's R Value, and high performance insulation materials like spray foam insulation not only helps better maintain indoor temperatures but also helps to reduce the risk of damage resulting from moisture.

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