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Exploring home improvement with Icynene insulation

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Exploring home improvement with Icynene insulation

There are a number of areas in a home that can be issues for homeowners in terms of regulating temperature and producing sustainable living situations. Staying comfortable should be a primary consideration for all residents, but when the thermostat is always getting turned up to try and keep things warm or cranking up the AC to cool down the house, the price associated with this management method can skyrocket.

In response to that, it might be best to contact a certified Icynene contractor who can come in and look for the areas in the house that are likely causing this problem. Cracks in foundations, gaps between walls and leaky attics are common occurrences in homes of any age that can result in heating and cooling loss, which subsequently creates the drafts that trigger people to play with their thermostats. Here are some of the areas most notorious for creating efficiency problems throughout a home.

The upper region of a house is hard to monitor. People rarely go up there, lighting and flooring are often not installed and even finding an opening into this region can sometimes perplex owners. This is also one of the most troublesome spots for heating and cooling maintenance. Moisture problems, lack of proper insulation and insufficient thermal breaks produce a majority of the efficiency loss most homes experience. Adding spray foam insulation in this area can reduce all these concerns.

Extensions and additions
People frequently put new rooms on their houses, expanding existing space and creating more value in the home as a whole. The problem is, the act of breaking through a wall to create passage into the new space can also act as an escape route for heating and cooling elements. Even if the addition itself is insulated thoroughly, the region joining the new with the old portion of the home is often left improperly protected from air transmission. Sealing this area with spray foam should be a priority.

Troublesome spaces
Many homes have narrow crawl spaces, cathedral ceilings, unique architecture and other building elements that make it difficult for traditional insulation products to fit in these areas. With Icynene, problems like these are unlikely to occur. That's because the product is applied in a liquid form and expands to fit that area completely. Even places in a house that the original builder may have thought impossible to protect can be easily covered by spray foam.

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