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Get better home efficiency by adding Icynene

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Get better home efficiency by adding Icynene

There are a growing variety of improvements you can make to your home that help save money and provide valuable opportunities to gain an ample return on investment. Among these actions include adding better windows, replacing older light bulbs and installing spray foam insulation from Icynene. Such alterations to your existing structure allow you to more easily regulate the temperature in a structure, thereby limiting the amount of heating and cooling that needs to be applied in order to keep that landscape comfortable for you and your family.

There are a number of ways to know whether your house will benefit from these kinds of additions, though. Some homeowners may be hesitant regarding investment opportunities with their houses, suspecting that the return on investment won't be as substantial given the high initial costs. Talking to a certified Icynene spray foam insulation specialist will help relieve any of these concerns, as these individuals receive in-depth training on how to spot issues in a house that spray foam can remedy. Look for some of these signs yourself to see if your home should be next in line for an Icynene upgrade.

High heating and cooling bills
It's not uncommon for American homeowners to assume that their heating and cooling bills are average, even when they're spending hundreds of dollars every month to regular temperatures. According to Project America, most households spend about $1,800 every year to maintain comfortable temperatures. Using Icynene spray foam helps reduce these bills by up to 50 percent^ every month, allowing you to save more over time. Even spending a large amount of money on home upgrades and repairs can easily be balanced out by the long-term savings afforded by better insulation and energy management. As savings continue to roll in for months and years in the future, the overall impact of Icynene can easily be averaged out against its initial price tag.

Increased consumption
The US Energy Administration's data on energy usage shows that most houses consume electrical energy at an increasing rate. If you've noticed that your bills are climbing slowly, there's a good chance that you're progressively using more power to heat and cool the same space as the year prior. What's more, as the cost of power resources continues to climb, it's likely that your home will continually be more expensive to cool or heat. Switching fuel resources can be a difficult upgrade, but installing Icynene throughout a house is fast, easy and efficient in comparison. It's best to talk to a certified Icynene contractor to see just how effective adding insulation can be in keeping in heating and cooling elements instead of letting these effects slip away.

Environmental inconsistencies
If you're noticing that the spaces in your home are not all the same temperature, there is a good chance that something is wrong with your HVAC system. Whether it's a blocked duct, a poorly insulated section of wall or the lack of proper airflow to one part of the house, when there's a section of living space that does not channel heating and cooling as effectively, it has a negative impact on the overall efficiency of a structure. A certified Icynene insulation specialist can give you more answers regarding whether there's a weak spot in your home's insulation or if a heating and cooling systems is not running as effectively as it could be. These elements make regulating temperature much more difficult and expensive.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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