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Getting more bonuses for Icynene additions

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Getting more bonuses for Icynene additions

There are a wide variety of ways for people to improve their homes. Adding more insulation is one of the key methods of achieving this objective. Putting more insulation between interior walls, attic and crawl spaces, basements and the rest of a home's infrastructure and the outside world helps the building maintain heating and cooling efficiency much more easily. This in turn allows homeowners to increase savings over time, making an initial investment in Icynene a long-term strategy for boosting the value of a house.

What's more, there are plenty of areas that further reward homeowners for buying into energy-saving solutions and smart power options that reduce environmental impacts and promote green initiatives. Certain states, provinces and providers are prone to offering these incentives to owners that invest in aspects of their houses that help cut emissions and qualify as green improvements. For those in Missouri and surrounding regions, the benefits for installing Icynene could be even more substantial thanks to programs like these.

Raising the rewards
The News Leader reported that local power company City Utilities is rewarding Missouri residents and its clients in other states by offering rebates for homeowners that install additional insulation products. Items like Icynene spray foam insulation help promote better heating and cooling efficiency, reducing the amount of electricity that each house needs to use in order to keep temperatures at ideal levels. Getting people to add these kinds of elements, though, can be difficult, as the initial financial outlay may be intimidating for some people.

As the economy stabilizes and recovers from the recession, though, power companies and green organizations are trying to encourage more private citizens to pursue these kind of upgrades. One of the biggest motivating factors in these scenarios is the long-term return on investment that additions like Icynene spray foam can offer, helping to keep temperatures more regulated and making it easier to get hot and cold environments right where residents need them.

What's more, the News Leader added, CU is leading the way in offering rebates to its power customers of as much as 50 percent off their total installation bill. This compounded with Icynene's ability to help cut heating and cooling bills in the long term by as much as 50 percent^ as well can add up to significant savings^ for every savvy homeowner over the span of many years. The CU program offers as much as $500 back on every insulation project, a significant increase from the previous 20 percent and $200 max levels that the firm used to provide. This increase should help trigger enhanced interest in saving the environment by reducing personal financial outlays toward such an auspicious goal.

Pushing for smart power
Adding Icynene spray foam insulation to a structure makes it easy for people to regulate hot and cold air in their houses, reducing their power consumption and allowing for more comfortable living environments. Many state and federal organizations also offer incentives similar to CU, so check regional legislation to see what kinds of money-back offers are available near you.

What's more, putting the right Icynene tools to work and in the right places throughout your home will ensure ongoing, optimized savings. Talk to a certified Icynene contractor or insulation specialist to see how well your house is currently protected and what areas are in need of improvement. A targeted application can help shave hundreds of dollars off your heating and cooling bills each year and helps reduce environmental impacts across the board. Regional power companies and other local businesses, legislative bodies and activist groups may have similar programs that you should investigate.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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