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Getting through beach weather better with Icynene

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Getting through beach weather better with Icynene

Enjoying a day at the beach is a perfect way to have a relaxing summer holiday or a winter vacation. These scenic regions are known for warm, moist climates and plenty of salty sea air, great elements for a getaway but not necessarily the best environment for homes. While the tourists may leave and the seasons change, beach homes need to be insulated and protected against the constant inundation of wet air and damp weather. Without the proper spray foam insulation, structures on the beach could suffer significantly.

Fixing holes where moisture gets in
In order to ensure that there's a minimal amount of impact on these houses, people should look into the benefits of Icynene. Spray foam insulation from this company has a huge variety of benefits for homeowners, not least of which is the ability to keep out moisture. Many owners may not know that as much as 99 percent of the humidity and water vapor entering their houses is airborne, meaning that in beach climates, even when the windows are closed, there's still water settling and permeating walls, into roofs and around foundations. This can have a dramatic, negative impact on the overall integrity of these homes.

As one case study from Icynene showed, a beach house in Snohomish County, Washington, was renovated by adding spray foam to keep out moisture. Before the upgrade, though, the century-old structure had undergone significant rotting and degradation due to water and moisture collecting in and around the home's support beams and other wooden elements. The house had a modicum of insulation products, including outdated vermiculite in the ceiling, allowing all manner of warm, salty sea air to work its way into the house's infrastructure and wreak havoc on the old beams.

Fighting the growth fight
Houses like these can have other issues crop up regularly when it comes to moisture control. Since so much water and moisture is building up in various places throughout a home, this can easily result in a significant amount of mold growing in the walls, floors and ceilings of a structure. The Weather Channel wrote that mold and mildew are significant issues in structures with a lot of warm, dark areas for these substances to grow. Buildings without spray foam insulation are inviting mold to accumulate between ceiling joists and in wall spaces where pockets exist between sheets of outdated insulation. By creating a solid mass of spray foam between wall supports, there's no place for warm, moist sea air to set up areas for mold growth.

Knocking out mold makes houses much more pleasant and safe to live in. While some mold spores are benign, other forms of the material can have hazardous health effects when breathed in. As the Weather Channel stated, these spores help expedite the degradation of food and discourage good health in all occupants, making it essential to get mold out of the house and keep it out.

Icynene products help people enjoy the 90 percent of their lives that they spend in their own homes. This spray foam product locks out moisture and mold, making houses safer, more sound and less likely to fall victim to rot and mildew. By locking out the dangerous elements associated with moisture, homeowners can ensure their houses stay safe and intact for decades to come. Such a benefit makes Icynene spray foam insulation a major return on investment for beach houses and seaside structures of all kinds.

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