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Going green means more greenbacks with Icynene

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Going green means more greenbacks with Icynene

Many people share an interest in doing more to save the planet. Changing out lightbulbs for more efficient versions, upgrading windows and doors to seal in air and boosting personal recycling efforts are all on the list of things that average citizens can do to improve their homes and improve the world in little ways. These changes also assist homeowners with saving money on utilities, garbage removal and a number of other bills that often would be higher without the incentive of saving money by saving the environment. There's one critical element that these owners might be missing, though, and it resides within the walls and floors of their homes rather than on the surface like all the other changes they make so readily.

Improving the environment
Adding spray foam insulation from Icynene can serve a substantial benefit to making a home more eco-friendly, as well as helping homeowners save money. These products fit into existing walls and help structures better regulate heating and cooling elements. That means running HVAC systems for a much shorter period of time and still enjoying the same level of comfort as before. Operating these systems in shorter bursts and less frequently is good for the planet and a welcome change to utility bills, as the installation of spray foam insulation can save owners up to 50 percent^ of heating and cooling expenses.

Products from Icynene help homeowners reduce their overall carbon footprints and make their houses more green-friendly. This can boil down to tax cuts for efficient housing and assist houses in getting better home ratings, driving their overall value up in terms of resale or lending power. Just by changing out the insulation in a home from traditional fiberglass filling to new, modern Icynene spray foam products can be a lasting return on investment that every owner can appreciate.

According to the Toledo Free Press, looking inside the walls of private houses has not always been a normal part of the eco-friendly drive in current housing overhauls. However, revelations over the last few years have caused more owners to look into these areas, especially around interior walls, attics and basements, areas notorious for allowing heating and cooling to slip out. The source stated that in many cases homeowners were now looking at these parts of their houses as part of energy audits, tests that isolate the trouble spots in structures. These places are key reasons for efficiency loss and high bills, so even if people are doing more to turn off lights and unplug appliances when they're not in use, their environmental impact could still be significant.

The future of green housing
Some firms are even working on constructing net-zero homes, or structures that only use as much electricity as they create on their own. The National Post reported that these buildings are constructed using the most modern and cutting-edge energy saving resources, as well as being outfitted with tools that help them generate power on their own, like solar panels, water recycling machines and small wind turbines. These houses feature spray foam insulation and other resources that make for reduced loss of heating and cooling so that they are easier to maintain while requiring less contributions from the house itself in terms of power resources.

Working with Icynene on innovative, green projects makes obtaining eco-friendly housing easier for many people. These products allow for the most planet-conscious heating and cooling of homes with the least amount of waste, so that there will be plenty of resources around in the future for other generations to enjoy. At the same time, these spray foam insulation products make houses more comfortable and affordable, creating an additional incentive to install them.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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