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Green housing saves homeowners money

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Green housing saves homeowners money

Helping the environment is a major impetus many homeowners pursue in changing the fixtures in their houses. But when it comes to improving the overall function and efficiency of the place, renovations need to get a little more targeted. The initial investment in making a house more eco-friendly pays off in a lot of ways, and by using Icynene, insulation can even add to the savings and dollar value a home enjoys.

According to the Tampa Bay News Weekly, homeowners in Florida are getting more out of their houses by adding Icynene spray foam insulation to their attics. The source stated that new owners are restructuring their homes and building equity on their properties by renovating with Icynene, allowing for self-sustaining projects and better power usage options. These houses allow for creation of all their own electricity through water recycling and solar panels. The addition of spray foam insulation ensures that heating and cooling efficiency is kept at a maximum, making these systems consume less energy to power and maintain overall.

Creating better climates
The builder told News Weekly that adding spray foam in the walls and attics of all these homes has helped to make them much better at sealing in air and keeping internal temperature right where residents want it. What's more, this helps lock out humidity and keep indoor climates comfortable all year round. In the Florida heat, having a well-cooled home is often one of the biggest reliefs a person can experience, but paying for all that air conditioning can be expensive. With Icynene, it takes much less time for an A/C unit to cool a home, and once the indoor elements hit the desired level, it's easier to keep temperatures right on the money without having to spend a lot of it to keep it that way. Because Icynene prevents the 40 percent heating and cooling loss through drafts that other structures might suffer, there's less air exchange with the outdoors, preventing temperatures from fluctuating.

Spray foam insulation from Icynene is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. It can help reinforce the structure of homes and makes them use less energy than a traditional home with fiberglass insulation. This creates a significant return on investment for home buyers who want to be eco-friendly and save a lot of money over time.

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