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Help reduce heating costs with Icynene spray foam insulation

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Help reduce heating costs with Icynene spray foam insulation

It's best to fill up all the holes and gaps in a home so hot air can't escape. However, locating all of these leaks can be difficult, especially for someone without the knowledge of how or where to begin. Here's a quick list of the top places in a home that need better insulation, but a certified Icynene contractor is the best partner you can have to seal your home and achieve a more comfortable and more energy efficient home.

The Attic
The top of the house is also the place where air can most easily escape. In many instances, homeowners may not know their ceilings aren't typically protected by anything substantial but open air on the other side of their rafters. In these big pockets, hot air gets pumped in and rapidly diffuses. The best solution is to add spray foam insulation throughout the area, especially if older types of materials are already in use. Removing the old and replacing it with Icynene spray foam will keep dollars from flying out of the attic.

Light switches and outlets
They may seem like a small space, but even the holes where light switches and outlets sit may not be protected against the outside elements. Cutting a spot out of wall makes space for the necessary wiring and fixtures, but it doesn't remedy the issue when it comes to having enough insulation in the area. As the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel wrote, spray foam insulation can help keep air from sneaking out through small spaces and creating money-saving problems.

Doors and windows
These areas are all over the house and may not seem like they provide a solid leak problem, but adding up the overall impact of lost heating can add up quickly. It's important for residents to be aware that even one cold draft under a door or around a lintel can cause ongoing issues for monetary stability. The end result should be better spray foam insulation around all of these regions.

Drop ceilings
Bangor Daily News reported that one of the biggest culprits that residents may not suspect are drop ceilings, suspended segments of wall that add a decorative touch. At the same time, these areas are often unprotected, resulting in loss of heating and cooling elements and providing a hole where money is lost. Removing air leaks in these prominent places will help generate more savings in the long run.

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