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How Icynene insulation increases performance in key areas in the home

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How Icynene insulation increases performance in key areas in the home

There are some parts of a house that are more likely than others to result in loss of heating and cooling, poor energy efficiency and moisture control. It's these areas that can benefit most from Icynene spray foam insulation.

Some parts of a building are far more susceptible to problems than others. Honing in on these issues will help homeowners improve the performance of their homes. Focus on these key areas and weaknesses in order to generate better return on investment with Icynene spray foam insulation.

Attics and roofs
The attic and roof space is one place in a house that is likely to encounter the most varied range of activity making it highly susceptible to air leakage, weather damage and overall heating and cooling control.

Increasing the performance and durability of a roof and an attic is essential in all parts of the country regardless of frigid cold weather in the north during winter or hot, sweltering summers in the south. Icynene spray foam insulation creates a seal against snow and rain as well as escaping conditioned air.

Insulating attics and roofs with spray foam insulation provides an air barrier that keeps in heat and cold air generated by HVAC equipment. This allows for greater thermostat control and provides superior heating and cooling management. By correcting heating and cooling and maintaining a comfortable interior climate, it's much easier for homeowners to save money and enjoy their everyday.

Walls and spaces
The walls of a home experience a lot of wear and tear. Walls should be able to withstand the weight of winds, rain and snow, as well as other storm and weather events.

The Daily Herald stated that older homes especially can benefit from spray foam insulation, as this insulation not only blocks wind and moisture penetration, it can also add to the structural integrity of a building. For instance, placing rigid spray foam insulation into a building, especially an older structure, reinforces the infrastructure of a home and provides bracing for walls, beams and the house.

At the same time, it's also much easier with spray foam insulation to save money right from the start. Spray foam insulation goes on as a liquid, expands within seconds and conforms to the structure that's already there. This makes adding Icynene insulation far easier and quicker to install than other, more traditional kinds of insulation materials.

Crawl spaces and basements
The lowest part of the house is always in contact with the outside world. This makes it susceptible to all kinds of problems, such as pest invasions, moisture collection and temperature changes.

Insurance News Network stated that ground-level parts of a building are easy targets for small creatures and detrimental air flow. By installing a rigid spray foam insulation, it's simple to generate a barrier against these threats. Unlike materials such as fiberglass and natural products, there is no food value to spray foam insulation to encourage wildlife to eat through it and nest. Plus, spray foam insulation also helps to eliminate leaks and allergens associated with such problems.

Solving problems
So how can more people get educated about what's going on in their homes and what should be improved? Try talking to a certified Icynene insulation contractor today to get greater insights into how your house can be elevated and improved by adding spray foam insulation to these critical areas. With this powerful insulation material in your home, it's easier to protect people and payments from situations that could otherwise get out of control and cause havoc.

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