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How Icynene spray foam insulation is helping more housing meet green standards

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How Icynene spray foam insulation is helping more housing meet green standards

Creating a house that is healthier, more sustainable and encourages eco-friendly living is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. These dwellings provide a significant return on investment in terms of financial and global impact, as well as offering a sense of well being thanks to the healthy components used to construct these edifices.

Icynene spray foam insulation is increasingly seen as a presence in high-profile projects of this kind, highlighting how important industry experts regard this insulation material. Its ability to go on as a liquid and seal any space within seconds is appealing for aesthetic purposes, while its lack of waste products and green-friendly composition also add to sustainability options.

With such a positive portfolio of opportunities, Icynene spray foam insulation is being added to new and old homes alike all over the country as residents strive to increase their efficiency and eco-friendliness. The end result is a plethora of publicity and public acknowledgement that's putting spray foam insulation at the center of many green housing projects.

Going green
AZO Build wrote that new green housing is going up in Walnut, California as part of the regional ABC Green Home project. The build will incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable tools like Icynene spray foam insulation, creating more efficient, healthy housing that's as beneficial to residents as they are the planet. Following the team's recent Gold Nugget award for excellence in green and home offerings, the ABC Green Home in Great Park, California spurred the creation of this new building. It represents the combined efforts of Green Home Builder magazine, Southern California Edison and Habitat for Humanity.

This custom home isn't for anyone in particular, though - it's meant to serve as an open model for other contractors and builders, showing how the best materials make for more appealing and sustainable living options. It highlights performance standards and efficiency benchmarks that should become the norm in California and beyond for single-family dwellings. As heating and cooling costs continue to rise and residents seek out new ways to save money and the planet, it's important to make certain that passive options like the insulation of a building is doing all it can to maintain internal conditions.

Getting powered
Instead of relying on traditional sources of power and electricity, more households are looking for alternative means of keeping their everyday lives functioning. In order to do so, tapping into native options and sustainable solutions for getting power and maintaining homes is necessary. This interest and demand is giving rise to more personal solar options. At the same time, these kinds of outlets are improved in effectiveness when combined with passive resources that reinforce management of home heating and cooling, thereby reducing power drain from these major consumers.

A New Orleans firm recently announced that it is combining its solar panel installation services with a new partnership with Icynene. Sunlight Contractors specializes in solar installation, but its new opportunity combines the process of harnessing the sun's power with the sealing and sustainability benefits of Icynene spray foam insulation.

The company services all sorts of homes and businesses across Louisiana, one of the hottest states in the country come the summer season. Tapping into all that natural sunlight and blocking out the heat produced by the sun can help improve home efficiency and generate a happier, greener home.

Talk to a certified Icynene contractor today about how to enhance the eco-friendliness of your home and save money at the same time. You'll also be helping to save the planet and plenty of money for future green investments.

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