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How Insulation Helps with Home Energy Efficiency

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Insulation used in home energy efficiency

How Insulation Helps with Home Energy Efficiency

Want a comfortable home and manageable utility bills? Who doesn’t it! The problem is that air leaks can occur from any of dozens of cracks and gaps in a home. Custom home builders know that any design has to take this into account. Custom home insulation can help you from paying extra to cool or heat the out-of-doors.

When building custom energy efficient houses, keep the following advantages of insulation in mind:


Temperature Control

This is the most obvious. If you're paying for cooling or heating, and you don't have insulation, then much of that energy is being lost. That means you'll be paying extra as air conditioners and heaters work overtime to achieve the indoor temperature you want. Custom home builders lead with a design philosophy engineered to reduce energy costs and to give you greater control over the environment of your own home.

Insulation energy efficency in homes

Reduce Noise

Noise can reverberate through the walls of a home, making traffic, trains, jets, or even people speaking and dogs barking outside distracting. This is worst when you're trying to get to sleep at night. Good custom home insulation and well-fitted windows help reduce the noise pollution of your home significantly.


Reduce Allergens & Insects from nesting

Air leaks don't just let cool and warm air out, they also flow in the opposite direction. A cool home will exchange that air with the hot outdoors, and that air will bring with it allergens, pollen, dust, and insects. Insulation acts as a barrier that helps to keep these allergens out of your home. That contributes to ability to sleep soundly and staying comfortable. Plus, since spray foam insulation like Icynene is not considered a food source, critters and insects are less likely to nest in the walls of the home.

How insulation helps home energy efficiency


Air leaks reduce the effectiveness of your humidity control. This means that damp can come in and damage the materials your home is made from faster. Custom energy efficient homes can control this better, meaning you'll be paying much less to maintain your home over time.

Proper insulation is a must for a variety of reasons and Icynene is the industry leader in insulation. For example, Synergy Homes, a model home and custom home builder in South Florida uses Icynene in every home they build. So, ask us how you can help keep your home comfortable - and cost-effective with spray foam insulation.


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