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How to reduce the risk of fire in attic assemblies

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How to reduce the risk of fire in attic assemblies

A house fire is a serious issue that can cause hundreds, even thousands of dollars in damage. There's also the possibility that residents could get seriously injured. When a blaze starts in a part of the house that's openly accessible, noticing the danger and getting out quickly can be expedited. However, this is not always the case.

It's not uncommon for fires to break out in areas where homeowners can't see or smell the problem. Attics and crawl spaces often have wires running through them that can generate excessive heat or trigger sparks. They can also get chewed on by animals, creating dangerous frays and open contact sources. These areas could spark a fire in a place where people don't notice the issue until it's too late.

Spray foam insulation in an unvented attic assembly can help address these concerns. Icynene Classic Max and an unvented attic design can help homeowners can protect their homes and their families. What's more, this insulation material deters animals from nesting, so rodents and other wildlife that might otherwise have chewed through wires, nested in ducts or created other potential electrical problems are less inclined to want to reach the electric wiring elements and wreak havoc on a home's internal systems.

Reducing the risk
A study by the International Code Council Evaluation Service recently found that Icynene Classic Max, in conjunction with an unvented attic assembly configuration, is a great option for builders and homeowners trying to reduce the risk of attic fires occurring.

Tests conducted showed how Icynene Classic Max performed in an unvented, simulated attic assembly where spray foam insulation and a fire source were present. The lack of fuel to stoke the fire in the forms of air and raw materials meant that the fire smothered quickly - in less than a minute.

"True to our commitment in delivering top quality spray foam products, we wanted to go beyond the standard testing methodology and develop a series of tests that truly represented the performance of real-life attic fires," said Paul Duffy, Icynene's VP of Engineering. "Existing tests only offers a limited point of reference, so it was important for us to consider a broader array of factors such as unlimited oxygen supply and venting, flame growth and the truer geometry of an attic."

Talk to a certified Icynene spray foam contractor today to find out how your home can benefit from Icynene Classic Max. Investing in spray foam insulation can help provide years of return on investment for homeowners of all kinds.

Icynene Classic Max also delivers high insulating value, allowing residents to keep down costs on heating and cooling throughout the year. By increasing the overall investment incentives of a home improvement, it's easier for people to feel comfortable adding this insulation to their home. Considering the enhanced performance, functionality and cost benefits of Icynene spray foam insulation, it makes sense to add this material throughout a house for better comfort and peace of mind.

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