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How spray foam can protect you in extreme weather

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How spray foam can protect you in extreme weather

Forecasters continue to release statements regarding the expected intensity of the Atlantic Hurricane Season this year, stressing the importance of taking the necessary precautions to protect homes and offices from high winds and other potentially devastating weather conditions. One of the first steps any homeowner or business decision-maker should take to increase the integrity of their real estate is integrate spray foam insulation for added protection.

Spray foam and disaster preparedness
Spray Foam Magazine recently reported that the past several decades have been filled with extreme storms that severely damaged local economies and destroyed billions of dollars worth of real estate. The source cited Hurricane Andrew in the 1990s, which caused an estimated $26 billion in damages, while Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast with billions of dollars in economic losses in 2012.

According to the news provider, spray foam can substantially improve the resilience of buildings to extreme weather, while this product has among the best reputations in the commercial and residential construction markets. These long-held beliefs were further substantiated following the release of a report conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the damages of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

The source explained that NIST found spray foam performed much better than other types of office and home insulation in the harsh conditions that were apparent during Katrina. In fact, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends closed cell spray foam insulation as a material that can help protect against flood waters in such situations. However, company leaders and homeowners in regions that are not in the hurricane zone can also secure their real estate from other damaging weather conditions with spray foam insulation.

For example, Spray Foam Magazine stated that the materials can be used as a buffer for roofing, and can save real estate owners substantial dollar amounts considering the $2 billion in insurance claims for hail damages that occur every year.

Don't wait until it's too late
The Obama administration recently teamed with FEMA to host a summit on new strategies to improve business disaster preparedness. Countless other government entities and advocacy groups have also stressed the importance of physical preparations for disasters.

You should never wait to improve the safety and security of your real estate investments, especially as the direct and indirect costs of substantial damages are often far more devastating than simply investing in spray foam insulation. Business owners should be especially interested in these materials, and can even access certain loans and support from federal and state governments to purchase disaster preparedness products. 

Consider calling a local Icynene contractor to get started on your spray foam installations today. 

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