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Icynene benefits make it popular building material in Indiana

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Icynene benefits make it popular building material in Indiana

Indiana is known for its warm summers and frigid winters. With such mercurial weather patterns and extremes in temperature, building homes with the best products is important to year-round comfort and affordability. That's why Icynene spray foam insulation is such a great addition to any residential structure. It seals drafts, reduces heating and cooling bills and helps make homes greener, all with a single application by a trained professional that takes around one or two days to complete. Incorporating Icynene spray foam is a popular move with some builders already in Indiana, where NAHB Certified Green Professionals (CGP) are taking initiatives to help homeowners save money on their new houses and enjoy better quality of life.

Going green and staying that way
Jay Lieser of 1st Metropolitan Builders told The LaCrosse Tribune that his firm uses Icynene products to help seal in heating and cooling resources while keeping pollutants and allergens out. As part of the CGP, his company is dedicated to helping construct green homes and eco-friendly structures, as well as improving general knowledge of the best resources available for erecting such buildings.

"In our efforts to always incorporate best of market products, we started using Icynene insulation after it was introduced several years ago," Lieser told the source. "When combined with an advanced ventilation system, Icynene seals the box, eliminates drafts and allows moisture to permeate outward. Since it helps keep the temperature consistent throughout the home, we're able to build up to a third floor, adding more square footage to the box."

Safe and warm, or cool
As Lieser stated, Icynene is known for promoting more comfortable and easy-to-maintain structures. For instance, installing Icynene spray foam makes homeowners' heating and cooling bills are reduced. In areas like Indiana where extremes in temperature throughout the year is considered normal, being able to reliably and affordably heat or cool a house for less money as needed is a significant benefit.

Moisture control is also a marked bonus with spray foam. Using Icynene, insulation problems regarding moisture are never an issue, since the product seals the walls, floors and crevices of a home. That means water can permeate through easily, offering protection at all levels. This will cut the ability of mold to take hold and grow inside of a house, improving air quality and getting rid of allergen concerns that many people may have. In a state like Indiana, where more than 40 inches of rain per year is common, having superior safety from moisture issues is an ideal situation.

Use the space a house has
What's more, the use of spray foam insulation lets builders get flexible with home designs. This product can fit into walls of any shape or size, since it's applied as a liquid instead of thick, cumbersome sheets like fiberglass insulation. That means HVAC efficiency and easy installation at every corner and along every ceiling, no matter if it's peaked or flat. This improves heating and cooling capabilities, allows homes to be erected in a variety of styles and makes for custom projects that aren't hindered by the limitations of old products. This gives homeowners more square footage that's still easy to afford since it won't cost much more to heat or cool high ceilings, attics or basement spaces.

"The technologies available today allow us to build a much more efficient home," Lieser told the Tribune. "The trick is ensuring that every inch of the house translates into usable space for the homeowner."

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