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Icynene expanding spray foam options online and in-home

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Icynene expanding spray foam options online and in-home

Spray foam insulation is the ideal material for keeping buildings safe from potential mold, air leaks and drafts. With Icynene, insulation issues are no longer of any concern, as spray foam expands rapidly as it's applied to fill in every gap between walls, under floors and around pipes. This product offers superior thermal coverage and air-sealing for homes of any age, conforming to the shape of the space where it's sprayed.

While Icynene's products continue deliver on quality, the organization expanding its online capacity. Recent updates to its website are helping builders, contractors, business owners and homeowners find out more about this innovative product. The company recently announced the total overhaul of its website in response to growing consumer interest and a desire to keep its digital presence as cutting-edge as the spray foam it sells and installs.

Improving Icynene awareness
The new website is available online and on mobile devices, making it easy for builders, architects and homeowners to peruse the site no matter where they are. Just like spray foam insulation itself, Icynene's technology savvy helps customers check out all the benefits of the company's products and services in a way that best suits individual needs. With such a versatile set of solutions, Icynene's product lines help support structures of all kinds just as its online portal provides insight on a variety of devices.

"As the market leader, we consistently strive to be at the forefront of delivering the right information to our audience and this new interactive website does that," said Icynene's marketing vice president, Betsy Cooper. "People are becoming increasingly aware of spray foam insulation and how it can be used in their projects, so it's important for us to provide the right information quickly."

Gaining greater access to spray foam information is ideal for a variety of potential consumers, and none more so than interested contractors and installers. Icynene comprehensively trains its spray foam applicators with various spray foam applications to ensure their products are applied correctly the first time. New online tools and greater spray foam insight availability will help put Icynene products in more homes and businesses, thereby creating more comfortable and energy-smart structures across the country.

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