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Icynene helps coastal homes stay safe from severe weather

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Icynene helps coastal homes stay safe from severe weather

Homes located in coastal areas face a number of risks. Environmental factors like salty air, moist climates and other kinds of moisture issues can cause significant damage to unprotected houses. There are also many animals that will try to make their homes in attics and crawlspaces, as well as insects and air pollutants that can cause bigger issues for the people living in these structures than the integrity of the home itself.

However, there is one other substantial risk that all homeowners living near the ocean must be mindful of - hurricanes. During the late summer and throughout the autumn, the chance of a hurricane striking the eastern seaboard is particularly high, so people in these places must be sure that their houses are ready to withstand a variety of negative weather effects. Strong winds, heavy rain and flash flooding are common, as are soil erosion and weakening of other building materials.

Making homes ready
Checking the strength and security of the elements most at risk in a house is the best way to make certain that your home gets through the next hurricane unscathed. A certified Icynene technician can help locate the biggest risks in your house and increase the structural integrity of your home using spray foam insulation before a crisis occurs. Performing a thorough inspection and formulating a home improvement plan to protect against hurricane issues will help you save money in the future by reducing the number of repairs you potentially will need to make, as well as making your home's everyday heating and cooling easier to manage.

These were major selling points that convinced one homeowner in Florida to upgrade to Icynene through the company's regional distributor, Therma Seal Insulation. A 4,000 square foot house was upgraded to meet the state's new property assessed clean energy (PACE) program, as well as making it more structurally sound in the event of a hurricane. This improvement will also assist the owners in cutting as much as 25 percent off their monthly heating and cooling expenses.

Saving for the future
The PACE project has been a major initiative throughout Florida, a state known for its high incidence of hurricane landfalls. The state-funded program is backed by a $230 million bond that allows homeowners to get reimbursed for upgrading their housing options to be more storm​ ready and efficient. This financing is available specifically to people living in the Miami area, helping metro citizens reduce the amount of power they use, while also ensuring that future storms will potentially create less damage for the state to have to handle.

PACE also promises 100 percent monetary backing on all upgrades that homeowners choose to make. As part of a multi-state initiative, PACE gets its momentum through Ygrene Energy, which in turn is driving to turn Florida and surrounding states into a clean energy corridor.

"Miami property owners now have a comprehensive financing solution for upgrading the hurricane resiliency and energy efficiency of their buildings," said Ygrene CEO Stacey Lawson. "With energy bills and hurricane insurance rates at record highs, property owners can now use Ygrene Financing via the Clean Energy Green Corridor program to address both vital issues at the same time."

Not only is the process meant to make homeowners more motivated to upgrade resources in their houses to more clean and green-minded options, the addition of spray foam insulation also allow owners to increase the strength of their dwellings overall. Certain kinds of spray foam insulation improve the durability of housing, so check with a certified Icynene contractor to find out the best kinds of products for your home that assist in meeting these building strength desires.

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