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Icynene helps home builders go green

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Icynene helps home builders go green

There are a wide array of different building products that firms can choose when selecting the materials to go into a new home project. Each of these materials has an impact on how the final structure comes together, both in terms of structural integrity and environmental friendliness. When businesses aren't paying attention to the kinds of substances they use throughout a house, they may be cheating themselves and the environment out of valuable savings.

Icynene spray foam insulation is among the best products on the market that addresses energy efficiency. Energy efficiency and green elements make Icynene a superior investment for builders trying to get the broadest interest from their projects, as well as for consumers who purchase buildings with this material as a primary insulation resource. A certified Icynene contractor or installation specialist can help identify all the benefits that adding water-based foam to a house can provide, as well as helping administer these applications.

Adding Icynene is an ideal way to contribute to a greener environment and help save people money. This resource makes for one of the greatest additions a construction firm can add to its roster of standard substances it places in all of its builds. Creating such a commitment has its own rewards to bear as well.

Icynene's dedication to green initiatives has solidified in the minds of many contractors, just as its liquid applications quickly expand and firm up to fill every space inside a wall or ceiling cavity. This firm, thorough barrier promotes a seal throughout a structure that keeps in hot or cold air in a comprehensive fashion, separating outdoor climate from interior conditions more thoroughly. This helps allow homeowners to reduce their usage of HVAC equipment, thereby creating a more green and efficient home environment that saves consumers as much as 50 percent on their regular heating and cooling bills^.

There are far more environmentally friendly benefits to be had using Icynene, though. Here are a few that builders are sure to appreciate.

Improved Air Quality
Using Icynene spray foam means less respiratory health risks thanks to its ability to significantly filter any allergens and pollutants entering the building envelope. Plus, spray foam creates less excess material and generates less waste than a fiberglass insulation product, helping reduce the overall impact on the planet.

♦ Green Awareness
Many of Icynene's products are 100 percent water blown meaning they have less of a global warming potential impact than other products on the market. Plus, spray foam requires less ongoing less maintenance in the long run, helping it increase its environmental value as time passes, too. Unlike fiberglass insulation that will break down, requiring it be thrown out and replaced, Icynene withstands the test of time and causes no further pollution.

♦ Global Recognition
Icynene and its products have received notable recognition across the globe. Icynene is a key material used for gaining LEED credits amongst other recognition from associations such as CHPS.

♦ Greener Application
Icynene is always coming up with new ways for how the firm can help its clients save money and the environment. Builders that choose to work with Icynene certified application specialists can enjoy the benefits of using the newly available water-blown product, Icynene ProSeal Eco. This product goes on just as quickly and easily as all of Icynene's products, but some offer even more substantial benefits than others.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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