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Icynene helps keep homes green and warm

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Icynene helps keep homes green and warm

The coldest months of the year are often the times in which homeowners will spend the most on heating bills. It's important to be prepared for these periods by upgrading insulation and other infrastructure components before the winter winds hit, but it can be difficult to determine what kinds of insulation products are best and where they should be applied. Understanding the benefits of spray foam insulation from Icynene could help residents simplify these decisions.

Understanding Icynene
With Icynene, risks like freezing and thawing can be reduced greatly. Instead of water seeping into a home and dampening various surfaces, Icynene repels moisture away from penetrating a building. This reduces the potential impact of heavy snow, ice and other environmental conditions that could otherwise wreak havoc on a home. At the same time, repelling water increases the ability of a house to withstand winter weather, as it doesn't allow liquids to break down insulation or damage wooden infrastructure.

Icynene spray foam insulation also helps residents reduce heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent^. That's because the substance seals in air and keeps out the cold, making it easier to not adjust the thermostat as much. For homeowners concerned about environmental impacts, this is a perfect way to cut costs and reduce carbon footprints, thereby saving the earth while saving on home electric and gas bills.

Other options with Icynene make it even better for creating winter protection, such as reducing the presence of bad air particulates and cutting the presence of pests in a building. During the winter months, it's more likely that wild animals will seek out spaces to hide for during the cold, and most traditional insulation products can make perfect nesting materials for a host of wildlife. Icynene deters pests from creating homes in the way older products do, since it doesn't serve as a food source for insects the way these other traditional insulation options might. Best of all, by blocking allergens and cutting the amount of air pollution in a building, it's much easier to ensure the health of residents during the winter. Seeing as cold and flu season spikes during this time of year, adding a healthier element to people's lives can be a substantial boon.

Going for green
It's also increasingly important to homeowners that they find ways of making their houses more environmentally friendly. Not only does this improve the overall resale value of a home, it also reduces heating and cooling bills, provides greater control over internal conditions and creates the potential for enhanced tax breaks and benefits.

Icynene spray foam is a key provider of these kinds of bonuses, as Popular Mechanics reported. The source stated that spray foam insulation from this organization provides much greater expertise at trapping air and blocking moisture, two key conditions for improving winter weather management.

The substance goes on as a liquid and expands to 10 times its original size, filling every nook and cranny within a wall, in an attic or around a foundation. It also provides R-values up to 3.7 per square inch, enhancing sustainability and heating and cooling performance. That makes Icynene spray foam insulation a perfect option for homeowners who want to go green.

Speak to a certified Icynene contractor and insulation specialist for more details. This kind of expert knows all the intricacies of insulation and can help locate areas in a home that will most benefit from upgrades. What's more, by talking to an installation aficionado, prioritizing money-saving and green initiatives is much easier. These professionals are well versed in the best ways to increase heating and cooling savings while producing long-term return on investment for homeowners in just these types of financial conditions.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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