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Icynene increasing overall presence of spray foam insulation solutions across North America

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Icynene increasing overall presence of spray foam insulation solutions across North America

The amount of contractors that provide Icynene spray foam solutions continues to grow. The presence and usability of these solutions helps architects, builders and homeowners continue to incorporate these options into their plans. With greater spray foam options across the country, it's easier for homeowners to upgrade their operations and products in a way that's enhancing overall building strength and usability.

Boosting proliferation
The future of building solutions is aimed at improving infrastructure and increasing comfort for homes and residents of all kinds. This requires that more providers engage in Icynene proliferation and application, allowing more owners to take advantage of this product. By making these options available with more ease and knowledge of product benefits, it's likely that people will continue to find value and reason to add these resources to their homes. An increasing number of certified Icynene application contractors will also help facilitate these outcomes, with more specialists facilitating the spread of information regarding the benefits of spray foam.

There's even more opportunities for these insights to spread thanks to an increasing amount of outlets making Icynene available to the general public. The product's proliferation has grown even further thanks to new markets taking advantage of the resource. According to an announcement from MJM Energy, this Nova Scotia corporation is among the newest additions to the Icynene family in Canada.

Adding better options
The contracting organization stated that it had integrated spray foam insulation from Icynene into its Halifax suite of solutions. This agreement between the insulation corporation and the construction firm will help bring Icynene to more Nova Scotia residents. With over 50 employees and certified installation specialists, this development is increasing the presence of Icynene and the proliferation of positive insulation products throughout the area. This region is known for its warm summers and freezing winters, making residents prime targets for spray foam insulation pitches.

"Icynene is investing to drive growth of the spray foam insulation category here in Canada, and partnering with like-minded organizations such as MJM Energy is part of our strategy to help foster this growth," said Icynene Canadian regional manager Bruce Young. "Home and business owners across Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada will be able to take advantage of the expertise and foresight that MJM Energy offers to create healthier and more energy efficient places to live, work and play."

Increased usability
Homes in places like Nova Scotia could benefit significantly from Icynene spray foam insulation due to its intense usefulness and flexible applications. There are plenty of places in homes throughout this region that could benefit from added insulation and better heating and cooling control, and the best way to help homeowners cut costs in application and additions is to ensure that there are enough providers in the area to keep expenses in check.

Spray foam insulation offers a significant return on investment for houses that have this solution installed. By generating more heating control and cooling efficiency, it's easy for owners to see heating and cooling bill reductions by up to 50 percent^ their current levels. This helps generate more interest in adding these products and makes Icynene an appealing addition to any contracting service's repertoire. Contact a certified Icynene insulation specialist today to learn what kinds of resources can help cut costs and generate more savings throughout a house. Builders with contractor certifications in Nova Scotia can now help residents enjoy the positive effects of Icynene all throughout the year.


^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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