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Icynene ProSeal spray foam insulation sets the bar for best in class

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Icynene ProSeal spray foam insulation sets the bar for best in class

When it comes to enhancing the heating and cooling management in a home or making a building more comfortable in general, residents need to know that the materials they're adding are the best available. That's why Icynene is such a great addition to any home. Spray foam insulation products from Icynene are constantly setting the bar for excellence in terms of return on investment, heating control and moisture management, making them the best in the industry.

Upgrading for the future
These qualities were showcased in Icynene's most recent product addition. According to the Digital Journal, the company just added a new option to its line of insulation products. Icynene ProSeal is a closed-cell spray foam that offers a high R-value per square inch, thereby reducing the amount of heat transfer anywhere the insulation is applied. This could help homeowners experience much greater cost control in the future through a single application of Icynene ProSeal all throughout their houses.

As the source reported, this new foam is a medium-density solution that is great for private and commercial use. It reduces vapor transmission and it's great for year-round use due to the permeability of the membrane, keeping houses cool in the summer and warm all winter. It also goes on as a liquid and expands within seconds, just like Icynene's other offerings. It's this quality that makes Icynene appealing to those with older buildings, as Icynene can fit into any space, even in antique houses without causing any structural problems.

With an R7 value per square inch, Icynene's ProSeal is a recognized leader in residential insulation products. This insulation material helps reinforce the structural strength of a building, as well as providing proficiency in low temperatures lets residents perform essential upgrades even in the coldest months of the year.

Talk to a certified Icynene contractor and installation expert to determine what parts of your home could most benefits from an application of spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation, especially Icynene ProSeal, creates a barrier that blocks out pollen, pollution and problems like pests and moisture. Creating an envelope of protection all around a home makes it easy to maintain internal conditions without breaking the bank, thereby maximizing return on home improvement investments by getting the best that the industry has to offer through Icynene.

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