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Icynene spray foam helps cut summer cooling costs

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Icynene spray foam helps cut summer cooling costs

The summer heat can easily eat into personal savings by jacking up cooling costs. When the weather is at its worst, heat and humidity can wreak havoc on a person's home comfort, as well as challenging the infrastructure of a building. By adding spray foam insulation from Icynene, there are plenty of ways to reduce these impacts.

A recent infographic from Icynene highlighted some of the areas of the country that could really use more insulative protection. According to the source, Texas gets the hottest summers of all on average, resulting in significantly higher cooling costs than anywhere else in the country. Other scorching states include Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma and Mississippi. All told, these five regions together account for more than 20 percent of all energy usage in the U.S. during the summer due to their high air conditioning and cooling expenses.

National comfort
The problem of elevated electrical usage, drafty buildings and excessively hot summers isn't isolated in just these five states. The whole country exerts a huge need for more HVAC support when thermometers reach toward the double digits, a phenomenon felt in an increasingly large swath of the nation due to greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Icynene's infographic, residents in the U.S. alone spend about $11 billion a year on air conditioning. On top of that, almost 20 percent of all electrical demand in the nation is dedicated each year just to A/C solutions. All of these cooling units and power requirements generate 100 million tons of carbon emissions a year, making global climate change even more extreme.

Making a difference
Icynene spray foam helps to reduce these emissions and cuts household heating and cooling bills thanks to its air sealing qualities. Icynene seals in cold air and blocks humidity and outdoor heat that might otherwise force residents to keep turning up their air conditioners. This assists Americans with boosting green-friendly initiatives, resulting in about $20 billion in climate and energy savings a year. It also reduces carbon emissions by a significant margin, the equivalent of almost 30 million cars' worth.

Talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor and spray foam specialist about how to apply Icynene in your home to maximize summer comfort while minimizing air conditioning bills. Proper application of this product results in a total barrier throughout a building that cuts moisture damage from condensation and creates an environment that's much easier to maintain thanks to locking out unwanted elements.

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