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Icynene spray foam insulation offers green option for UK landlords

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Icynene spray foam insulation offers green option for UK landlords

Providing tenants with quality residences requires support from landlords, and installing Icynene spray foam insulation in homes can help occupants in several ways. Landlords can employ licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractors to apply the energy efficient insulation solution throughout a building, and the product instantly enhances a property's efficiency.

According to The Kidderminster Shuttle, UK landlords in the Black Country area will be required to make green improvements to their buildings to continue using the units as rental properties over the next few years. UK energy expert Colin Priest notes that if landlords fail to make improvements, these building owners could become ineligible to rent out rooms in their properties. 

"Landlords should plan ahead now to turn their properties green and to save more money," Priest told the news source, "as the government has made it clear that there will be consequences for those who do not improve the energy efficiency of their properties voluntarily."

Icynene is an energy efficient insulation that works well in UK residences. The solution is eco-friendly and helps landlords immediately bolster the quality of properties.

Make green improvements with energy efficient insulation
Licensed Icynene spray foam insulation professionals make it easy for landlords to complete green renovations. These specialists apply the product onto ceilings, floors and walls, and the solution fills gaps in seconds to seal a building's envelope. 

With Icynene spray foam insulation, property owners can avoid air leakage to significantly lower their heating and cooling costs. Air leakage could otherwise cause building owners to run their heating and cooling systems for extended periods of time, but Icynene spray foam insulation applications enable landlords to help prevent this problem. In fact, a single Icynene spray foam insulation application helps ensure that building owners can maintain comfortable indoor environments while using their heating and cooling systems less.

Unlike traditional kinds of insulation like cellulose and fiberglass, Icynene spray foam insulation performs in tough-to-reach areas like crawl spaces. A single application is proven to work for the life of a property, and landlords can enjoy substantial savings on their heating and cooling costs after the installation.

Landlords, homeowners and business operators around the world can benefit from Icynene spray foam insulation applications. These installations enable property owners to equip their buildings with energy efficient insulation, and applications commonly pay for themselves within four years. By air-sealing your home with Icynene, mold problems, moisture problems and other building damage can be reduced or mitigated.

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