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Icynene launches media portal offering the latest news, videos and images related to insulation and home energy efficiency

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Canadian spray foam insulation manufacturer, Icynene, has launched a new web portal designed specifically for the media. The web portal was created to report on all things related to Icynene, insulation and home energy efficiency within Canada.

With consumers growing increasingly eco-conscious as well as looking to save more of their hard-earned money, eco-living and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand. With this new web portal, the media will have access to the latest product advancements in Icynene spray foam insulation, home renovation tips and advice, as well as other home and energy efficiency related news.

"People may be wondering what is newsworthy about a media portal for an insulation company and the answer is – a lot.  Nowadays, there is so much to know about being a homeowner – all the considerations and concerns as well as managing a household budget and its associated monthly expenses. This new web portal offers credible, timely and most importantly, relevant information for all those who own a home, are looking to renovate, or are in the market to buy," says Betsy Cosper, VP Marketing.

Complete with press releases, videos, articles, infographics and images, this portal will be a one-stop shop filled with information regarding the use of spray foam insulation for new builds, renovating an older home or those looking to reduce their overall monthly expenses and waste within their household.

Quick facts about home insulation and energy efficiency:

  • Gaps and cracks left by traditional insulation, which is common in most homes, allow air to pass through and if put together, all of these openings could add up to the size of a basketball.
  • Air conditioning accounts for approximately 19 percent of all household electricity consumption and emits nearly two tons of carbon dioxide annually.
  • Natural Resources Canada says inefficient windows can account for up to 25 percent of total house air loss.
  • Traditional insulation materials can allow moisture and fluctuations in temperature to pass through the home's envelope easily.
  • Spray foam insulation both seals and insulates to help keep allergens and irritants at bay and eliminates air leakage to keep a steady temperature inside without the cooling and heating systems working overtime to compensate.

Selecting high efficiency building materials for the home is one of the easiest ways to optimize its overall performance. Spray foam insulation provides thermal insulating value as well as air sealing, meaning air leakage is significantly reduced and your furnace and air conditioner can perform at optimum levels. This allows homeowners to reduce energy consumption and control their indoor temperatures effectively while lessening their environmental impact.

As a modern insulation solution, spray foam insulation expands rapidly to seal a home's walls, floors and ceilings and prevent air leakage. Those within the building industry have found that quality spray foam insulation can noticeably reduce monthly cooling and heating costs. Additionally, spray foam insulation minimizes random airborne moisture and pollutants from entering the home which is ideal for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies, an important consideration this time of year.


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