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Improve home health conditions with Icynene spray foam insulation

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Improve home health conditions with Icynene spray foam insulation

Spring is a time of year associated with freshness, new beginnings and renewal. It's also strongly tied to elements like allergens, animal burrows, heavy moisture, dampness and other factors that can jeopardize the integrity of personal dwellings. Many residents think that a worst-case scenario due to the change of the seasons is tied to mold, deteriorating foundations or animal control, but there are more subtle and severe concerns that should be at the forefront of their minds.

Their health.

Living in an environment that's rife with allergens, irritants and potentially dangerous substances may take a while to show up during regular visits to the doctor, but the cumulative effects on children and adults alike can be long-term. Avoiding issues like asthma, recurring colds and other respiratory ailments requires that residents get smart regarding Icynene spray foam insulation and the ways in which it makes homes both more durable and healthier.

Knowing the dangers
Isolating the factors that can occur in the home environment due to the presence of inappropriate insulation options is a first step for people trying to improve their housing. Mold and mildew are among the most damaging aspects, the Pensacola News Journal reported, as these elements can cause significant issues with breathing pathways and problems to a house itself.

The source stated that mold spores can inhabit walls, floors, attics and almost every part of a building where water is allowed to soak into the architecture. Humidity can cause this same issue, so even if there's no recent rainfall, a poorly protected home is still likely to fall victim to condensation. Once the infrastructure is saturated, personal possessions and storage items are likely to be destroyed next, spreading dangerous spores even more thoroughly within a domicile.

Other major threats to housing integrity include:

  • Mites, ticks and bugs from burrowing animals
  • Allergens from animals or plants
  • Stinging, poisonous or wood-eating insects
  • Destruction of property from rain and moisture

Icynene spray foam insulation blocks these issues and many more by creating a seal wherever it is applied. This keeps moisture from collecting anywhere in a structure, thereby making it impossible for mold or mildew to ever form. It prevents allergens from passing into a house and is not a food source for insects, making a building inhospitable to infestations.

Protecting environments
The threats to health exist both indoors and in the ecosystem itself, as Lubbock Online pointed out. The same chemicals that may be trapped in a home might also be emitted into the environment, causing local vegetation and animals to suffer from adverse physical conditions sparked by these contagens. Air conditioning is a key suspect in cases where spring and summer flora and fauna struggle most to thrive, as these are the seasons where HVAC units focus most on cooling potential.

It's best to institute options like Icynene spray foam insulation that don't generate any kind of toxins and are applied in a safe, healthy manner. Icynene goes on as a liquid spray using water as a carrier, so the application materials are either deposited on a surface or safely evaporate. This ensures no toxins are left in a family dwelling and that the building is protected from all sides.

Talk to an Icynene insulation contractor today about the various risks that might be present in your home. These certified professionals know how to identify and rectify threats in ways that save money in the long run both with medical bills and heating and cooling expenses. Adding spray foam insulation ensures better quality of life or residents of all ages.

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