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Improve household air quality with Icynene spray foam

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Improve household air quality with Icynene spray foam

The movement of air through a house should be easily managed to promote good indoor air quality. Different elements of heating and cooling efficiency help ensure that there are always positive environments in any house, thereby keeping utilities costs at a minimum and ensuring year-round comfort for owners and residents. The right kind of insulation throughout a structure makes certain that good indoor air quality is always adequately maintained throughout a home, no matter where the building is located or how unique, antiquated or expensive it may be.

Making more improvements
What's more, the proper application of spray foam insulation ensures better return on investment for homeowners than any other insulation type they might consider for use in their walls, ceilings and attics. That's because Icynene's unique flexibility allows the substance to be applied into spaces that may otherwise not be accommodating to traditional insulation options.

Where materials like vermiculite or fiberglass may require more room in a wall or floor in order to reach proper R-values, Icynene's patented types of spray foam insulation ensure that there is always enough insulation for heating and cooling without requiring warping or alteration of the space it's being applied to. This is particularly important in custom building projects and when working with historical housing. On top of that, spray foam allows owners to execute more interesting architectural shapes by applying a product that adheres to surfaces and conforms to the curves of modern architecture, rather than demanding traditional shapes or rigid design requirements.

Flexing to fulfill and fill
The bottom line with Icynene is that it fits any house style and location. It helps promote better indoor air quality and control while maintaining proper temperatures and reducing heating and cooling bills by up to 50 percent^. That's why Icynene is such an increasingly popular product among builders and home improvement seekers alike.

According to News Channel 5, an ABC affiliate in Ohio, the value of new-age insulation products such as Icynene spray foam is particularly valuable for air quality and temperature maintenance in places where extreme weather is the norm. The source wrote that it's best to track down gaps in walls and around architectural elements like light switches, power outlets, windows, doors and air vents. These are prime locations for air quality and efficiency loss, as these gaps are often unseen and allow a large amount of transfer between interior and external elements.

Sealing cracks with spray foam insulation is the ideal solution for homeowners trying to ensure that their heating and cooling efficiency is maintained all throughout the year. These additions are fast and affordable, the source pointed out, costing mere pennies a day over the long run as financial benefits continue to accrue based on only a single application of foam insulation . What's more, these installation projects allow owners to improve the overall efficiency of their homes, adding to the overall value and ensuring better economic effects for a house for years to come.

Icynene's range of products helps homeowners in any part of the country reach necessary R-values for their areas while still taking up only a minimal of interior wall space. This helps ensure the ongoing return on investment, as well as superior airflow, for these homes all year round. With many different climate zones in the United States requiring various levels of insulation , protection and other safeguards against the extreme weather these localities experience, it's best to use a product that fits all these various demands in a single application.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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