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Improving old homes with Icynene without incurring huge costs

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Improving old homes with Icynene without incurring huge costs

Antique houses are beautiful to look at, visit and live in, but owners of these structures face a variety of trials and concerns that modern housing don't usually have to offer. Heating and cooling are two of the most trying issues that old homes must be retrofitted to accommodate because none of these structures were built when central heating or cooling were possibilities. In order to create new HVAC solutions without damaging the authenticity or beauty of these structures, using Icynene can help maintain the look and feel of antiquity while still getting modern, affordable resources installed.

Taking antiquity into account
According to home expert Bob Vila, the first issue when adding heating and cooling systems to an old house is figuring out where to cut and patch. Because the vents and channels for HVAC solutions require a whole-house retrofit, making as minimal an impact on antique fixtures and paneling will take central focus in the renovation. At the same time, homeowners need to be sure they're making decisions that will result in the best overall living situation for years to come, so consulting with certified contractors and experienced professionals is key.

This same logic goes for handling Icynene spray foam additions. Licensed contractors know all about how to properly insulate homes in order to provide the most efficiency and financial benefit, as well as preserving the integrity of a building. With antique structures, keeping everything looking as much like it did originally is part of the charm, so spray foam insulation is a perfect addition. This product won't require changing the layout or dimensions of any room and it fits exactly into every corner and crevice older walls have to offer. What's more, putting this solution in place when adding new HVAC options will ensure the optimal effectiveness of these heating and cooling elements.

Working out common problems
One of the other great benefits of working with an Icynene certified contractor is that this individual can assess your home's exact HVAC needs. In many instances, homeowners may purchase a unit that's far too big for their houses, resulting in higher heating or cooling bills than necessary. While Icynene installation helps cut heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent^, putting the right tools in an antique house will ensure the ultimate return on investment for these systems.

Bob Vila added that putting in an inappropriately sized A/C or heating unit can cause far more complaints for owners in the long run. These devices are often loud, break down or fail to provide the right kind of climate control for the house. Using a too-small air conditioner means running it more often with lackluster results, which could be adding to the frequent breakdown risk. On top of that, using a too-big system can cause excessive bills that never seem to stop or shrink, no matter how many energy efficient appliances or Energy Star-rated infrastructure elements are installed.

With Icynene, getting the best performance out of an air conditioner or heater is easy. These products seal in air in order to provide the utmost efficiency no matter what setting the house's HVAC solution is set to. By implementing the smartest power resources and using the best resources for a home's particular setup, owners can enjoy the year-round benefits of optimal heating and cooling elements without breaking the bank or ruining the antique look and feel of an old home.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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