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Include Icynene spray foam insulation in your spring renovation plan

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Include Icynene spray foam insulation in your spring renovation plan

Increasing the comfort level of a home requires that homeowners pay attention to the variables that can potentially hinder quality of living. Homeowners need to determine where the biggest problems are in their homes before creating an innovation and upgrade schedule. But understanding the various elements involved in these kinds of enhancements may not be fully realized. Adding Icynene spray foam insulation is a good place to start, but without the proper insight from the industry experts, there's little way of knowing where and how these additions will actually be helpful.

Housing concerns
Making a comprehensive list of problems regarding internal conditions around a house is the best place to start. By building an inventory of things that can be improved, it's much easier to turn to a certified Icynene insulation contractor and ask for insight as to why these issues are occurring. In many cases, it could be that current insulation is not appropriate for the part of the country where a house is located. It's also likely that the age of older, more traditional materials like fiberglass and cellulose insulation may have resulted in these products losing their shape and creating significant gaps within walls, floors, basements and attics that residents can't see with the naked eye.

Isolating concerns
As The Daily Record reported, the best time of year to make these types of lists and schedule a visit with a certified Icynene contractor is in the late winter or early spring. This makes it easy to get a good idea of what things need improvement, tracking down air leaks and gaps in insulation. The presence of moisture infiltration is also far more obvious during the times of year where snow and ice are commonly accumulating, but in the spring these elements begin to break down. It's far easier to tell if an attic is leaking when snow turns to water, as any cracks can become torrents of water into the upper regions and crawl spaces of a home.

The source also warned that the presence of these problems can easily result in issues that reach beyond just the long-term integrity of a building. When old insulation is present throughout a home, making air leaks and problems areas proliferate, it's common for homeowners to see issues with maintaining comfortable living environments. Heating and cooling bills are much higher when these concerns are allowed to run rampant, so talk to a certified Icynene contractor about the signs and remedies for poor insulation as you upgrade your home with spray foam insulation this spring.

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