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Increasing energy efficiency easier with Icynene insulation

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Increasing energy efficiency easier with Icynene insulation

Getting the best heating and cooling efficiency out of a home requires that the structure be sealed as thoroughly as possible. For many homeowners, this may seem like something they assume is already the situation with their houses, but this isn't something that an owner should take for granted. There are a number of factors that can negatively impact overall HVAC efficiency, and understanding these elements, as well as how to remedy them, is essential for gaining better performances and lowering bills.

Inspecting for efficiency
As with any home improvement project, owners need to know where to start in order to get the best return on their investments. An Icynene licensed contractor can easily help you understand what sections of your home are most in need of improvement, targeting the regions that are notorious for the greatest amount of lost heating and cooling efficiency. Among these places are elements like attics, basements, garages and home additions or renovations. Sometimes adding a new portion to a home or opening up new areas for use make the areas between old and new areas less insulated or ventilated, creating pockets of inefficiency that owners may not even be aware of.

According to site Clean Technica, the number of ways that spray foam can help a home increase as homeowners find different ways of putting this resource to use. The source stated that, among the most notable improvements, spray foam can help cut heating and cooling bills by reducing transient air flow and improve the overall health of inhabitants by keeping out bad particulates. On top of that, cutting noise and improving fire resistance are common enhancements associated with spray foam installation. Boosting health through overall air quality refinement also is a common benefit of adding spray foam to housing environments.

Keeping out the elements
Adding new insulation like that offered by Icynene helps make a barrier between indoor and outdoor environments. As Clean Technica pointed out, spraying insulation helps it mold to any shape or take on any cracks that standard fiberglass might miss. Better air seals means less leakage of heating and cooling resources, allowing homeowners to use their HVAC options less frequently and for shorter durations while still getting the comfort and climate they expect.

With Icynene, insulation problems are reduced significantly, allowing for better efficiency and improved financial elements. Spray foam helps creates an airtight barrier that ensures heating and cooling bills are reduced.  Because air conditioners and heaters don't have to be run as often in order to achieve the desired interior effects, owners can expect to see their energy bills cut in this significant manner. On top of that, they won't have to pay as much to repair and maintain their HVAC solutions because they don't run them as often.

As Clean Technica stated, there are also a variety of state and federal rebate programs that spray foam insulation helps owners earn. That's because this product is a LEED-certified system, meaning it's created with recycled materials and helps homeowners create more sustainable living accommodations. Many utility companies also offer rebates and financial incentives for switching to more environmentally friendly solutions or cutting their bills in other ways. Icynene spray foam insulation is a product that therefore pays for itself right from the start and continues to return on the initial investment for years to come. These rewards are often limited to home improvements rather than new construction homes, so adding Icynene will help current owners increase the current value of their houses and the overall retail worth of these structures.

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