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Keep your home and family protected during winter with these insulation tips

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Keep your home and family protected during winter with these insulation tips

A National Weather Service report said that winter weather in 2013 was responsible for nearly 50 deaths and caused massive inconveniences for families across the country, according to Galva News. Maintaining the home's defenses against the chilly weather is an important part of keeping your family safe from the clutches of the cold, and improving insulation is a great way to simultaneously stabilize indoor temperatures and help keep your heating costs from skyrocketing during the year's coldest months.

There are numerous ways to improve your home's insulative performance, from installing high-performance insulation products like spray foam to upgrading your home's entry and exit points. Improved insulation will ensure your home stays as efficient and safe as possible for many winters to come.

The right insulation can help you reduce your heating costs
One way to improve the efficiency and interior comfort to your home is by investing in an insulation renovation that seals your home from drafts and acts as a high-performance  thermal barrier from the cold. Spray foam insulation is a versatile insulation product that offers both of these key features. The insulation material expands upon installation, filling in gaps and holes in the building's interiors that might make the home more vulnerable to the winter chill.

Likewise, spray foam's insulating properties help keep the home at a comfortable temperature without ramping up usage of the home's heating. This dual performance makes spray foam insulation installed by a licensed contractor, a go-to solution for families looking to bolster the home's protection against extreme winter weather with a single, long-lasting investment.

Targeting doors, windows and lighting for additional sealing opportunities
There are plenty of ways to further enhance your home's ability to fend off the grip of Old Man Winter after upgrading insulation. Updating your home with the latest coated, multi-pane window models will help to keep cold air from entering your home through your windows. New weather-sealed doors offer similar potential for savings if homeowners are willing to invest in their home's entry and exit points.

Homeowners seeking ways to reduce heat loss even further during winter months can look up at their ceiling – specifically at their light fixtures. Sealing the light fixtures installed in the home's ceilings is an often overlooked home improvement task that can help make your home even more insulated. Your home is sure to have an easier time fending off the winter chill this year with the help of these insulation strategies and help from a spray foam insulation expert like Icynene.

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