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Long-term savings improved with Icynene spray foam

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Long-term savings improved with Icynene spray foam

There are a wide array of green resources that you can add to your home in order to improve the total functionality and comfort of your domicile. These assets make heating and cooling bills smaller than ever before, helping you reduce expenses and increase the longevity of your house's usefulness. Creating a more environmentally friendly living atmosphere will increase the value of a home, improve structural integrity and ensure that your financial outlays are all minimized moving forward.

Some of the tools associated with this process involve changing power sources and increasing the amount of insulation between walls. Icynene spray foam insulation is the best option for adding value to your house, cutting heating and cooling bills and ensuring that your home is able to maintain a consistent temperature all winter long. Talking to a certified Icynene spray foam contractor will help you learn how this insulation product can increase the efficiency of your house and make your structure more green. It's important to add a variety of different options to your home to get the maximum benefit from energy friendly initiatives.

Wind and solar
The Huffington Post wrote that a growing number of power companies are investing in wind and solar energy options to help them reduce operating costs. These savings are in turn handed on to consumers, helping them reduce heating and cooling bills. The source added the Energy Department reported the western United States, where the biggest power source shift is currently taking place, will see as much as 30 percent of its electricity come from wind power and 5 percent from the sun by 2017.

This represents a major shift from last summer's peak green energy generation, which yielded less than 15 percent of the region's power during the hottest months of 2012. This helped the area cut its carbon footprint up to one-third, as Debra Lew of the NREL project told the Post. She said that collecting natural power would cost up to 5 percent more than running on fossil fuels, but the savings will come out when energy is produced. Similarly, Icynene spray foam may be more of an initial investment than traditional fiberglass solutions, but the return on investment is far better with foam than fiber.

Changing fuel prices
While these natural solutions are far cleaner and more efficient, it's also important for homeowners to note that renewable resources will help reduce the impact of financial factors in the future. Oil and gas prices are constantly fluctuating, sometimes favorable to consumers and at others adverse to managing costs.

As The Kansas City Star reported, the value of a thousand cubic feet of natural gas has risen almost $2 since early 2012, resulting in potentially higher heating costs every winter. This substance is also responsible for generating electricity for cooling needs, so the increased expense will continue to follow you all throughout the year. Instead, it's best to install Icynene spray foam insulation. This product makes it easy for you to reduce your heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent^, no matter the price of gas or your current level of green investment.

While the source stated the increase in cost this season will be slight for homeowners, it's impossible to keep expenses under control without installing new home insulation. It's best to use a product that ensures a thorough seal, better heating and cooling management and the most range in terms of power options. It's best to couple insulation improvements with green enhancements as well, as The Huffington Post pointed out. In this way, you can increase your ability to save money by combining Icynene with other green-friendly improvements.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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