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Major building projects rely on Icynene for support

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Major building projects rely on Icynene for support

There are a wide array of products and services organizations can use when constructing homes. These resources are meant to help homeowners better enjoy their structures, but not all of these assets provide as much support or as many benefits as others. Selecting the top products helps these houses sell faster and makes them more desirable as long-term investments to buyers.

Icynene spray foam insulation is among the most positive additions builders can put in a house. This substance carries a wide array of beneficial attributes that makes it appealing to potential owners. Working with a certified Icynene insulation specialist ensures that this foam is applied appropriately and covers many areas of a house. These individuals also have a broad understanding of how Icynene improves the structure of a home and makes the building better for buyers. Speaking with one of these resourceful, informed professionals can serve as a major boost to the value of an edifice.

New neighbors
These products are featured in a new luxury housing community in Naples, Florida. According to Naples News, Diamond Custom Homes recently erected a model house for consumers to come and tour, spurring the construction of similar structures in the developing neighborhood.

The source stated that the current display features four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a sprawling 7,463 square foot living space. Huge, open interior rooms and a massive vaulted ceiling with French doors and two-foot transoms lead to a lavish outdoor space and patio. The master suite features his and hers closets and separate bathrooms, as well as removal from the other three sleeping quarters at the other end of the house. There's also a lavish kitchen, wet bar, multimedia-equipped study, an additional summer kitchen, dining room and a massive garage.

The impressive space is protected by Icynene, the source reported, with Icynene spray foam insulation lining doors, windows, roof and wall spaces. The house itself is largely constructed of blocks and poured arches, eliminating as much wood as possible to ensure a strong base and better ability to withstand tropical storms that frequent the Naples area. Icynene spray foam helps establish even better support for these kinds of needs, sealing out moisture and providing more structural integrity to every area where it is applied.

Improved overall quality
Icynene is especially useful to Diamond Custom Homes not just because of its structural benefits, but also because it is so capable of conforming to whatever footprint where a builder may want to use it. As an insulation product that goes on as a liquid, it's easy to get Icynene to fit into any project, as it can be poured or applied into any space where it is needed.

Once in place, this substance improves air quality by sealing out moisture and dangerous particulates, eliminates the threat of mold and mildew accumulation and provides enhanced noise reduction from the outside world. It also helps reduce heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent^, allowing homeowners to immediately see the multiple benefits associated with this product.

In cases where custom homes range in the millions of dollars, as is the case with Diamond Custom Homes, it's essential that builders use the best tools and products available. Potential buyers will scrutinize every aspect of a home, and there are an increasing number of consumers worried about longevity and environmental impacts of the places they call home. As a green-friendly product that helps people save money, Icynene is an ideal addition to any custom housing project.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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