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Major home awards earned with Icynene improvements

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Major home awards earned with Icynene improvements

There are a number of design and structure awards handed out every year for the best in architecture, execution and overall aesthetics of homes. These prestigious titles help builders, contractors and the materials they use become more well-known, improving the public interest and impressions that people have of these resources. An Icynene contractor's involvement in a pair of recent major home awards shows that the spray foam insulation is just as versatile and artistic as it is practical and cost-saving.

Major winners
According to Blue Plate PR, the 2013 George Matsumoto Prize was recently awarded to a modernist home designer in North Carolina. The source wrote that the trophy is granted every year to a single-family structure that shows the greatest feats and interpretation of the modernist building style, along with three cash prizes equal to $6,000 per year.

This year's winner was the building pair of Tonic Design and Tonic Construction, which created a spectacular flat-roof home at four stories tall. The home is a perfect cube, with a living space that begins on the first floor and a subterranean garage in what the builders describe as "modern Gothic." There is plenty of vertical space throughout the home, featuring elongated windows, high ceilings and an emphasis on buttressing and bridging through open spaces. This helps accentuate the Gothic style and leaves plenty of places for the owner to display art and entertain at the same time.

The second prize went to a home designed by Situ Studios in Raleigh. This house featured a dramatic layout that gives residents plenty of functional living space without the clutter of secondary necessities. By grouping stairs, kitchens, bathrooms and entryways all to one side of the home's structure, the rest of the floorplan was opened up to allow for free-flow living areas. The structure also relies heavily on passive and active green energy sources, creating an environmentally sound and structural pleasing design.

Spray foam assistance
These top homes both feature Icynene spray foam insulation. The modern insulation material allows for sustained heating and cooling in flat-roof houses and allows for better use of green energy resources, keeping warmth or coolness inside and requiring less electricity to maintain these desired temperatures. Icynene spray foam insulation also helps boost the structural integrity of buildings, bolstering walls, buttresses and open floorplans by adding more rigidity to floors, ceilings and interior building elements.

The Matsumoto Award winners relied on Icynene and its certified contractors to help boost the efficiency and integrity of the homes they created. Adding this resource to any house can help afford the same beauty and usefulness as what these prestigious structures claim. Just talk to a licensed Icynene contractor to get information on what parts of your home could benefit most from spray foam insulation and schedule a walk-through to see if you're currently making the best use of all your house has to offer.

Spray foam insulation goes on quickly and conforms to the contours of a building, sealing out bad air, unwanted pests, moisture and environmental elements that deteriorate the quality of life you can experience in your home. Make your house more pleasant to live in and improve its total resale value by adding products that improve its overall efficiency. Cut your heating and cooling bills by up to 50 percent^ and improve the structural integrity of your house all in one swift upgrade by contacting a certified contractor today.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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