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Making kids healthier with Icynene insulation

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Making kids healthier with Icynene insulation

There are a variety of health problems that can develop in children who live in areas with poor air and toxic conditions. Asthma and allergies have been linked to these kinds of environments, as well as recurring sickness which can often cause poor grades or depression. The fact is, the repercussions of being forced to breathe in chemicals or other agents can have a significant impact on people of all ages, but children are especially susceptible.

It's important that parents take the time to look at their living conditions and ensure that they're offering the best for their little ones. Houses can hold a variety of pitfalls to providing a positive climate, so it's essential that residents talk to a certified Icynene contractor about areas that most often produce bad outcomes for children. There's usually areas in a structure that owners don't know are in need of repair or extra attention, so it's wise to talk to an expert about all the ways to improve a house when trying to produce the best possible living arrangement for the whole family.

It's common especially in older houses to encounter outdated insulation materials like fiberglass, paper, wool, vermiculite and other kinds of substances. These items don't provide protection against moisture or a seal against the outside world, inviting a range of problems to occur.

The three M's
Moisture creates significant issues for homeowners. It occurs all throughout the year and comes in a variety of forms, making it tricky to block every permutation. Rain is a common occurrence in many parts of the country, as are snow, ice, groundwater and humidity. All of these options generate liquid deposits that can influence the stability of buildings, as they find every crack possible and flow into them.

Mold and mildew are the result of these products making their way into houses, soaking into older kinds of insulation and creating a hotbed for fungus and other substances to grow. These substances become aromatized and are able to permeate a house and are breathed in every day by residents, causing irritation of lungs and breathing passages.

This is the root for a variety of health problems. As Scoop Independent News reported, a study by the University of Otago found that children hospitalized during winter months all had correlations in their living conditions regarding air quality. In almost one-third of cases, dampness was a significant issue. Almost one-fourth were impacted by mold as well. This highlights the need for homeowners to protect their offspring by investing in spray foam insulation that prevents these kinds of problems from occurring.

Preventing ailments
Adding Icynene helps seal every crack and crevice in a home. Whether it's between roof joists, within crawl spaces or between walls, it's essential that these spots are all thoroughly closed off, protecting a home from accruing moisture and allowing mold to grow. In fact, Icynene is deters mold or mildew growth and is not considered a food source for animals, so it's easy to reduce this problem as a source of concern for children's health.

Other problems like pollution and air quality in the outside world are equally able to be negated thanks to Icynene's ability to keep outdoor elements separate from indoor experiences. By keeping interior spaces filled with clean, healthy air, it's easy for parents to produce a positive living environment for themselves and their children, reducing the likelihood of developing a variety of diseases.

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