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Making smart housing decisions with Icynene insulation

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Making smart housing decisions with Icynene insulation

Not all building materials are as safe and healthy for use in a home as some people might think. Identifying substances that offer the most benefits to the health and integrity of homes and their occupants offers owners a great deal of peace of mind and makes it easy to save money on a variety of different typical expenses many adults encounter. By removing the potentially harmful materials and replacing them with safe and energy efficient spray foam insulation from Icynene, the quality of a house is likely to improve significantly.

It's important for homeowners to understand what materials are being used by their building contractor as not everything is necessarily the best fit for the project. By understanding what materials are safe for use in and around the home. Whether it's particulates passing through fiberglass or vermiculite insulation, heating and cooling escaping through pockets in compromised insulation or mold and mildew growing in traditional insulation or empty crawl spaces, owners should be aware of what is happening in their houses that could endanger the health of themselves or their loved ones.

Talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor for more help in isolating the factors in a house that could lead to health problems such as respiratory issues. The obscurity of some of these problems can make them difficult for owners to identify on their own, allowing these silent threats to expand unchecked. Working with an Icynene technician helps reduce the dangers found in many American homes, thereby giving residents relief and ensuring that better health and safety measures are in place for the future.

Understanding what some of these common but problematic building mistakes happen to be allows owners to get a better grasp of what they should be looking for when they call an Icynene contractor for a home inspection and appraisal. Understanding these factors could help an owner make a decision about whether to go ahead and make that important call. Here are some of the critical elements to consider.

Dangerous chemicals
According to Web Wire, there have been recent health concerns regarding the presence of asbestos in homes with vermiculite insulation. Though vermiculite is seen as an affordable and reliable form of insulation, some parts of the country received insulation from a mine in Libby, Mont., that was contaminated with asbestos. The products derived from this one site make up about 70 percent of the nation's vermiculite insulation in use today, the source noted, meaning that a broad majority of homeowners with this kind of material in their homes run the risk of being exposed to asbestos.

Such a revelation would mean that all the insulation in a home would need to be removed and replaced with the utmost haste. Icynene spray foam insulation goes on quickly.

Toxic growth
Mold and mildew are also common problems encountered by homeowners whose houses are outfitted with traditional insulation products. Unlike Icynene spray foam, traditional insulation can be prone to dampening. These pockets of damp, warm insulation allow dangerous mold to begin to grow, polluting the air in a home. This also can cause significant structural damage to a home, degrading the integrity of beams and ruining interior walls. Spray foam doesn't absorb water, creating a barrier between the indoors and the outside world, thereby helping owners escape these problems.

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