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Making Your Summer Home More Comfortable With Icynene

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Making Your Summer Home More Comfortable With Icynene

Now that summer is here, it’s finally time to schedule in some time to spend at your summer home or cottage, if you have one. There’s nothing more enjoyable than being closer to nature, while enjoying the comforts of home. But how comfortable is your summer home? If the answer is “not very,” then replacing your existing insulation with spray foam insulation like Icynene may help matters.

Icynene spray foam is great for more open concept home layouts like what you’ll find in a cottage or summer home. Often, these types of homes have high, cathedral ceilings to add space, rather than an attic. However, cathedral ceilings can be difficult to insulate, which can make it a challenge to keep your summer home cool, when the mercury rises. Insulating cathedral ceilings is something Icynene spray foam insulation excels at, thanks to its ability to expand into fill hard-to-reach areas to create an even and effective air seal wherever it’s applied.

But why is spray foam insulation energy efficient? Thanks to the air seal it creates, air loss is reduced and the insulated space remains comfortable without the risk of expensive air being lost to the outside. The combination of an effective R-value and the air seal created make Icynene an insulation that can help to reduce the monthly cooling bills in your summer home. That leaves you with more money to enjoy your summer vacation with.

Find a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area to help you discover more reasons to choose Icynene.

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