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Missing the small spaces not an issue with Icynene

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Missing the small spaces not an issue with Icynene

When it comes to creating a comfortable space all year round, homeowners know that heating and cooling needs are equally important. These elements can also be equally expensive to maintain, usually due to inefficient insulation. Using spray foam products like those from Icynene, insulation issues can quickly and thoroughly be addressed. Even when owners think their houses are thoroughly covered by older, less efficient fiberglass products, there are still key areas that often are not as well-insulated as they should be. These small places can still present significant energy issues over time.

Challenging leaks and drafts
Fox News wrote that one of the key areas homeowners tend to ignore is light sockets and switches. These boxes are often installed during the building process and result in breaks in fiberglass sheets where construction workers leave gaps for the electrical resources. In other cases, adding a fixture after a house is completed creates a new hole in a wall or ceiling. These small spaces result in prime places for heating and cooling to escape from a home and invite drafts.

Using Icynene spray foam insulation in these areas can help mitigate these issues. Spray foam can fill the space and seal around a fixture, creating an air-tight hold around a fixture box. This means the wall behind an outlet is solidly filled with insulation and air has no way to escape through the hole. This can help homeowners enjoy significant cuts in their heating and cooling bills.

Protecting against disaster
What's more, spray foam insulation's tight seal means no water or moisture can get into a home. In terms of electrical outlets and switch plates, this is a particularly vital matter. If a house has significant leaks or moisture retention issues, this can result in short circuiting and expensive repairs. It could also trigger a fire if a switch plate is activated after dampness causes a circuit to blow.

Icynene  is ideal for indoor use, be it in a commercial or residential setting. Plus, Icynene spray foam insulation helps reduce allergens and toxins in the air, as well as keeping outside air that may contain these agents out of the house. Such thorough protection makes it an ideal addition to any home.

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