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New energy inspections show homeowners benefits of Icynene

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New energy inspections show homeowners benefits of Icynene

Getting an energy rating and efficiency test for a house helps highlight the areas of the home that are most in need of improvement. Be it in attics, basements or throughout a house, there are plenty of areas where drafts and air leaks can reduce the efficiency of heating and cooling options. Getting a trained Icynene contractor to assess your unique situation will give you the best input on how to proceed with fixing your home's HVAC efficiency issues and produce a better overall living environment.

Residents of Nova Scotia are only recently receiving these kinds of benefits. CTV News wrote that Canada doesn't have a unified home energy report card or other testing standards, making it difficult for homeowners to determine if their houses are operating at optimal levels. A recent test run of energy tests was distributed to 90,000 Nova Scotia residences, with many of these homeowners seeing that their bills were much higher than their neighbours' or regional averages. Even a specialist with Efficiency Nova Scotia told the source that his house was not as energy smart as he thought it was, despite him having years of experience working in other aspects of environmental and energy conservation.

Benefit of certification
That's why homeowners need to seek out a certified Icynene technician to help assess and repair a home's heating and cooling efficiency. These experts are educated specifically in everything these is to know about best energy use practices, code requirements and the top tools to use for promoting better heating and cooling use throughout your home. Unlike other technicians who may have broad, general knowledge of how to manage energy bills, Icynene contractors are highly trained in how to assess houses, plan installation and carry out spray foam applications in a way that saves you time and money.

What's more, all of Icynene's contractors are backed by an extensive team of technicians and support specialists. These professionals can offer the most in-depth advice on the best products and services to fit any kind of construction or age of home. They even can assist with regional questions regarding harsh climates and green-friendly initiatives. For homeowners concerned about getting the most performance from their homes and protecting themselves from overspending, using Icynene spray foam insulation contractors takes the guesswork out of home improvements.

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