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New homes see green with Icynene benefits

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New homes see green with Icynene benefits

As the consumer housing market continues to improve, construction firms are on the lookout for what features are most popular with buyers. Creating houses that match the desires of home hunters will help businesses ensure that their construction projects are sold quickly, allowing them to make solid profits and fund further projects in the future, all of which help a recovering economy. As companies get invested in using green resources, and these assets become more affordable, consumers are increasingly interested in acquiring such homes for their financial and environmental benefits.

Seeing green in housing
One of the leading trends in the housing industry is the move toward more green homes. This means building houses that meet specific environmental standards and provide more eco-friendly options. Homeowners appreciate the fact that these structures are friendly to nature, but what they will really enjoy directly are the cost savings on heating and cooling bills, as well as the better overall living environment indoors. By upgrading to spray foam insulation, companies can offer energy efficient buildings, and buyers will see the savings for years to come when purchasing homes like these.

The Madison reported that a recent survey from the National Homebuilder's Association showed that the next few years will have green buildings taking up an increasingly large portion of the market. The source stated that, by the end of 2013, up to one-fourth of houses up for sale will be eco-friendly. By 2016, that portion will be up to 40 percent, with green housing making up as much as $116 billion in revenue out of the entire housing industry. The push toward more environmentally friendly homes has been evolving since the '70s, according to the source, thanks to the improved nature of the green infrastructure. Smaller photovoltaic cells and more affordable environmental resources have ushered in an age where businesses can afford to install things like spray foam insulation in their new buildings.

"Over time, as we evolved as a more green society as a whole, manufacturers started introducing new green products at more affordable prices," said Jay Lieser of 1st Metropolitan Builders. "In our efforts to always incorporate best of market products, we started using Icynene® insulation after it was introduced several years ago. When combined with an advanced ventilation system, Icynene seals the box, eliminates drafts and allows moisture to permeate [through]. Since it helps keep the temperature consistent throughout the home, we're able to build up to a third floor, adding more square footage to the box."

Benefits of better insulation
By incorporating Icynene, insulation performance in houses of all kinds is improved. As The Madison wrote, adding spray foam products helps improve the overall way that heating and cooling works in a structure. Buyers can expect their climate control utilities to cost half as much as comparable homes without such high performance insulation. What's more, by sealing the air inside a home from the outside environment, it promotes better air quality and improves overall quality of living. It even cuts down on moisture, regulating humidity and ensuring less water damage than other, non-insulated structures.

Best of all, as the intricacy and creativity of houses increases, builders don't need to be limited by conventional structures in order to accommodate older versions of insulation products. Spray foam insulation allows for freedom and flexibility of design, fitting into tight crevices and creating application options for unique spaces.

With more demand for green structures all the time, businesses are interested in using green products in construction for an increasing volume of projects. Similarly, consumers want these eco-friendly homes for the benefits such houses offer. This may explain why future home trends are forecasting more such projects by 2016.

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