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Paying attention to basement efficiency with Icynene

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Paying attention to basement efficiency with Icynene

It's important for homeowners to carefully consider the entire architecture of their homes when creating an efficient heating and cooling system. There are certain areas of a house that are more susceptible to loss than others as they have additional drafts, making it harder to keep a consistent temperature throughout a structure. When a thermostat has to be adjusted more toward either extreme, be it very hot or cold, the price of maintaining that state goes up exponentially. By installing Icynene spray foam insulation in the areas that are most likely to cause leaks, it's easy for homeowners to save as much as 50 percent of their total heating and cooling bills^.

Making better home use
The effectiveness of Icynene installation is somewhat dependent on where it is applied. That's why talking to a certified Icynene insulation specialist is so beneficial. These individuals know all the places in a house that are most often plagued by drafts, leaks and other common architectural areas that can cause a home to hemorrhage money all throughout the year. The rooms in a home that have the highest tendency to lose heating and cooling resources are those that people tend to spend less time in, making it harder for owners to notice these issues. With a certified technician inspecting the structure, it's likely that these buildings will be improved by the time the application is complete.

As the Sacramento Bee wrote, one of the key areas where insulation is most likely to be needed is in a basement. The source wrote that autumn is often the best time of the year for home repairs like painting, re-shingling and adding insulation. That's because the weather is temperate and the climate is dryer, making it easy to apply these solutions and faster for them to take effect. What's more, this time period is right after the hottest months, making it easy to detect cooling issues and prevent them next year. It's also right before the onset of the coldest months, helping prepare structures for handling the beating that winter can sometimes inflict.

Adding more protection
The source also stated that there are people starting to make more use of these subterranean spaces, making it especially vital for insulation to be added. This way, when people start lounging and living in underground areas, they don't have to constantly be raising the thermostat to keep themselves comfortable. With more spray foam protection, it's easier to hold heat in a basement and maintain temperature regularity.

Home specialist Anitra Macedon told the Sacramento Bee that it's most common for homeowners to ignore wall upgrades, especially in the basement. That's because people don't consider these areas when adding spray foam insulation unless they've had problems like mold or mildew in the past. An Icynene-certified specialist can help hone in on these areas and alert owners to these issues so that they can proactively protect themselves.

Macedon added that putting insulation in walls, especially in the basement, helps prevent problems with pipes and other hidden structures. Putting insulation around these elements reduces the chance of bursting a water line due to extreme cold or losing heating and cooling effectiveness by leaving a vent exposed inside a wall. Part of servicing water heaters and air conditioners should include checking the system for proper insulation throughout the house, an ideal opportunity to improve overall effectiveness with Icynene.

As an increasingly popular living space, the basement of a house can cause up to 10 percent heating and cooling loss. Imagine shaving one-tenth off your regular oil, gas or electric bill. This is simple to achieve by adding Icynene spray foam insulation, with the cost of application balancing out versus the years of savings you can enjoy from this upgrade.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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