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Prepare for any kind of weather with Icynene spray foam insulation

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Prepare for any kind of weather with Icynene spray foam insulation

The flowers are blooming, snow is melting away and many people are gearing up for the heat and humidity of summer. While it may not be readily apparent to homeowners, next winter is coming, and getting ready now ahead of the home insulation renovation rush could help residents increase the return on investment they should expect from adding Icynene spray foam. Early renovations increase the preparedness of a home and boost return on investment, as Icynene increases heating and cooling control in both summer and winter months.

Planning much in advance
Now that warm weather is on the way, it makes sense to think about getting ready for the upcoming winter. It may seem premature, but the fact is that once cold temperatures start to roll in, it may be difficult to find a contractor with space in the schedule for an insulation installation. Spray foam insulation is easy to add to a house even when the weather is becoming colder.

On the bright side, the colder weather is still somewhat in the future. As The Journal News reported, one of the coldest winters in years has come to an end and the peak of summer is yet to be seen. That means there's a reprieve from the ice and chill of the last few months and plenty of time to talk to a certified Icynene contractor about the best ways to improve a home before the temperature turns again.

The source stated that there are a few major indicators that can show a homeowner when it's absolutely necessary to get Icynene insulation installed. It's a great idea to do so even if these elements aren't present, but noticing these issues with a house are a strong indication that an upgrade to spray foam insulation is necessary.

  • High utility bills: This is one of the most common situations when Icynene isn't present in a home. Adding spray foam insulation helps cut heating and cooling expenses by as much as 50 percent^. If you notice you're spending more every month to maintain your home, you need to get an expert analysis of a house and work on upgrading to better options.
  • Freezing and leaking: If you're noticing dripping pipes, leaking basements or moldy attics, there are likely issues with creating a solid seal throughout your house. That means Icynene spray foam insulation is necessary to create a solid boundary between the indoors and the elements. Keeping out moisture and preventing temperatures from fluctuating helps maintain a safe home.
  • Tweaking the thermostat: In the winter time, you may notice that you have to keep turning up the heat to keep things comfortable. In the summer you're likely to notice just the opposite - it's necessary to crank up the AC in order to generate a cool environment. That means there's gaps somewhere in existing insulation or HVAC systems and Icynene spray foam insulation is needed to seal up these problem areas.
  • Drafts and condensation: If you notice a draft coming in under a door, around the edges of a window or condensation in places where walls and panes should be dry, it's necessary to contact an insulation specialist. Lillie News wrote that drafts related to doors, windows and the rest of the house can result in loss of up to 10 percent of all heating and cooling issues. Sealing up these areas is vital for keeping down cost and blocking out moisture.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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