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Protecting pieces of historic architecture with Icynene

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Protecting pieces of historic architecture with Icynene

The great antique homes of today are symbols of ingenuity, integrity and history that must be maintained. These structures are somewhat harder to update and care for than others, though, due to the finesse needed when handling repairs. What's more, such homes weren't built with the best of insulation, making them drafty and uncomfortable in high summer or deep winter. Apart from just comfort levels, the price of heating and cooling such a structure can get extreme in some parts of the country, where lack of proper insulation between walls makes for quick climate dissipation. That can result in constantly running heaters and air conditioners, an undesirable situation for people who want to keep their expenses under control.

A variety of applications
Even older homes, those that don't qualify as historic or antique structures, can suffer from these kinds of HVAC issues. That's because modern resources like spray foam insulation weren't widely in use or even existent when these buildings were constructed. Now that homeowners and historical organizations are considering upgrading these dwellings, though, they may not be aware of the benefits and flexibility of spray foam products. These elements can present significant cost savings, environmental controls and comfort stability to owners without damaging the aesthetic qualities of these important edifices.

As The Ridgefield Press wrote, many older buildings were erected with heating needs in mind. Windows in these houses often have southern exposures, walls were made thick and passive energy consideration was granted to the plans of these old homes. However, insulation was not the best, and in some cases none was present in the construction process. That means current residents will struggle to heat and cool these buildings, making them expensive investments no matter where they're located.

Particulars of the project
The source wrote that residents must take a site-specific approach to upgrading their properties. Since every antique home is different, there are few products that can uniformly be installed in these structures without damaging them. Solar windows, sealed doors and spray foam insulation are all good ideas for implementing cost savings and improving energy usage, so long as these items do not interfere with the look or function of the house. Reassessing current overall power usage and HVAC setups can help improve the total function and usability of these dwellings, and improving these resources will bear its own benefits over time.

When using Icynene, problems with insulation are no cause for concern. This spray foam insulation product has been featured numerous times on This Old House, an Emmy award-winning television home improvement show. Antique homes across the country dating back to the 1700s have already undergone successful updates thanks to the addition of Icynene, meaning other historic home owners should consider this addition when upgrading their sites.

Adding Icynene spray foam to any home, especially an antique house with less energy management capability, can benefit significantly from adding Icynene. This product allows for greater efficiency in heating and cooling, allowing owners to cut as much as 50 percent off their monthly heating and cooling-related bills^. This makes Icynene an ideal investment, since these utilities savings help return the cost of the application to the residents over time. Better overall quality of life in an Icynene-equipped home could be enough of an incentive on its own to entice owners to consider this spray foam, since the addition also cuts out allergens and reduces airborne toxins. The list of positive attributes Icynene has to offer and its ability to safely be added to antique homes makes it a sure winner across the board.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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